A person looks up with eyes closed.

Entering the luxury lifestyle and beauty market requires strategic planning throughout, but most importantly in the creative development process. A clearly defined branding, web, and digital strategy served as the blueprint during the L30 collaboration—leading to a successful launch.

Project Disciplines

Graphic design
UX design
Web Design

Color Palette

To propel the luxurious feel of a high-end brand, ArtVersion curated a color palette of an alluring blend of timeless elegance. Grey and black evoked modern sophistication, while the selection of Tiffany Blue helped shift a mono-color story with a pop of color. 

Tiffany Blue
Light Grey
Brown Gray
Selected typography letter a.
Selected typography letter a.


The elegant pairing of Raleway and Montserrat created a typography choice that exudes timeless grace with a contemporary edge. The thin, single weight of both fonts further elevated the high-end feel with a minimalist approach that let the product quality speak for itself.

Consumer Packaging and Luxury Branding

A desktop web design featuring a person and luxury cosmetics brand packaging.
A person looks down with long hair.
A person with short hair on a desktop web design screen.
A desktop UI design with a person looking into the camera with hair blowing.

Elegant Sophistication

Branding and web design for luxury cosmetics.

Mobile Ready

Modern Aesthetics
Mobile screen interface for cosmetic brand.
Mobile screen interface for luxury cosmetic brand.
Mobile screen interface for cosmetic brand featuring person showing clear skin.
Mobile screen interface for luxury cosmetic brand.
A person with head up and eyes closed on a mobile screen interface for a new cosmetic brand.

Trusted by Buyers

Increase in Website Traffic
Find the Mobile Interface Friendly
Five Star Reviews

Luxury Branding & Digital Marketing

Lifestyle brand design blends the interests, attitudes, and sentiment of the target audience – and prospective audiences.

Creative web development, necessary insights and branding metrics were the critical foundations with which to establish and build a sustainable and strong strategic framework for bringing a brand to market. The ArtVersion creative team worked with the L30 brand on all aspects of digital and offline branding initiatives, styling and designing the look and feel to seamlessly implement across platforms. From web design and digital media to product packaging and print design – a minimalistic style and consistent brand story were presented.


Package Design

Branding and package design for cosmetic company.

Packaging design look and feel, and tonality were designed to mirror and elevate style and attitude. Lifestyle branding took center focus as a powerful tool, that revealed more about brand stories and experiences, as the products or services themselves.

Set of luxury packaging for cosmetic company.
Luxury paper bag for hair products.
Luxury paper bag for cosmetic products.
White tube packaging for hair products.
Set of luxury white paper bags for cosmetic company.