ArtVersion Shortlisted by Lovie Awards for Legat Website Refresh

Continuing their streak of recognitions, ArtVersion was shortlisted for the 13th Annual Lovie Awards. This honor highlights the collaborative efforts of the Legat Architects website refresh, earning them a coveted position in the Corporate Communications—Web and Mobile Site category. Earlier this summer, ArtVersion’s work on the Legat Architects website was also celebrated by the MUSE Awards, landing the team three accolades.

The Lovie Awards are esteemed recognitions, celebrating Internet excellence across culture, technology, and business, and fostering a more innovative global digital landscape. The awards are adjudicated by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), a distinguished panel also known for judging the Webby Awards.

Amplifying this accomplishment, ArtVersion stood out among a competitive field of 1,200 entries from 30 different countries to secure a spot on the shortlist for this notable project. The company takes pride in this achievement, reflecting its commitment to delivering exceptional digital experiences and pushing the boundaries of online creativity.

“We’re really honored by this achievement. The visual story told on the Legat project was so important. We wanted to really capture the amazing architectural work that they do, while also adding refreshed visual interest in a way that felt authentic to Legat. That, tied in with usability, accessibility, and user experience, was the driving factor for this project,” says ArtVersion Designer, Kristy Diaz. 

With all the entries submitted, only 17% of projects are awarded this prestigious shortlist distinction. Every project is evaluated by content, visual design, functionality, interactivity, overall experience, and structure and navigation. The Lovie Awards underscores the team’s dedication to excellence and innovation in digital design, marking a significant accomplishment in their ongoing journey to shape an inclusive and imaginative digital world.

Lovie Award ShortList 2023