Known for their expert approach to beauty, Tiara Salon is a unique boutique experience with an aligning developing product line. Pushing the boundaries of user experience, the founder of Tiara partnered with ArtVersion to develop and present visitors with an engaging and inspiring browsing experience to complement their visit and spark new directions in their client’s personal style.

Scope of work included

Defining The Narrative

A staple for beauty retailers and stylists, the lookbook showcases new styles, point of view and collections through imagery that expresses brand perspective through visual storytelling. With a loyal and growing customer base, Tiara’s brand vision expands well beyond the salon walls. In addition to enhancing the boutique experience, the lookbook supports the launch of their line of custom formulated proprietary beauty products. ArtVersion collaborated closely with Tiara’s team to authentically represent their highly developed vision. Strategic design elements from model selection, material choice and post-production photo editing combined to convey the brand’s unique perspective to a wide range of users from retail to bridal to runway.

lookbook covers
look book spine
lookbook spread
lookbook spread2
lookbook spread3
lookbook spread4
lookbook design

Visual Storytelling and Photography

On-site custom photography was a must, resulting in the highest quality, stylized vignettes to ensure brand recognition and alignment. Light, styling and location plans were mapped to create both consistency and variation, but also flow with the context of the story and vision created in the initial phases. ArtVersion and Tiara’s creative teams worked in tandem, styling each shot to show alternate perspectives and functionality taking the viewer into the experience to promote meaningful engagement.