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At the intersection of company growth and service expansions, with a need to support increasing client demand for ever-growing in-house built SaaS offerings and industries served, company founders and stakeholders reached out to ArtVersion creative team. To rebrand the company with a robust corporate identity system to present today’s mission and vision but also support upcoming initiatives in the structured and systematically engineered visual elements and reimagined style and tonality. The brand was already disrupting the print media landscape, but not yet configured as the all-in-one solution with its digital omni-channel approach. In the last two decades, they transformed and evolved the brand; built on honesty, integrity, and long-tenured community relationships. ArtVersion had a task on-hand to unleash an emotional and human component together within their narrative while adding clarity about their integrated marketing capability mix.

brand identity design.


Enter ArtVersion, whose creative expertise reinforced the MediaBlink™ brand as the data-centric, technology-driven multimedia powerhouse, that was scratching the surface of industry-wide dominance. After extensive competitive marketplace analysis as well as thoughtful, thorough dissection of the brand’s information architecture, the refreshed corporate identity of MediaBlink emerged. Proof of MediaBlink’s dynamic culture and legacy became evident through compelling journeys that guide users to interconnectivity with the brand.

A branding design.


Following the completion of branding exercises started with naming strategy and logo ideation, MediaBlink was re-positioned as a modern force in print and digital media with enormous scalability to push the boundaries of consumer engagement. Users could clearly realize MediaBlink’s value: adaptable interactive print and digital marketing solutions driven by the power of data & analytics. Refined brand attributes and more comprehensive pathways through an updated web design provided MediaBlink with the flash to support its fluid business operation and “set the sail” for the new goals and challenges ahead. Users were more accurately informed of the brand’s unique versatility and credibility amongst a diverse range of economic industries.

A man operating a machine.
Wireframe designs.
A desktop UI screen design.
automotive page design.
A web page design.
A web page design.
A web page design.
industries page design.
A design with different people.

Web Design

With modern web design developed on the enterprise-scaled WordPress platform and a sleek user interface combined with carefully crafted user experience, brand new name (no pun intended), and logo design; new standards were put in place in rapid fashion, keeping up with momentum. Digital channels characterized by seamless functionality and effortless usability, MediaBlink successfully re-captured its marketplace magic, this time re-positioning as a more complete multi-faceted company with reinforced transparency, tenacity, and industry-specific expertise. We were able to raise the bar on MediaBlink’s social media channels with increased search visibility and optimized appearance.

web design mockup.
A web design mockup.
A desktop UI mockup.
Mobile UI screen designs.

The Result

Collectively we worked towards the goal of improving website traffic through strategic messaging, authentic visuals, and sharp navigation options that speak to the brand’s personality & vision. In the “Age of Information,” ArtVersion was able to transform MediaBlink’s identity and generate cohesive storytelling across both digital and print collaterals. In the process, the brand became that much more relatable for businesses and decisionmakers who were able to catch a glimpse of MediaBlink’s culture, technology, and craftsmanship in-action. MediaBlink’s evolution as an integrated media solutions leader is supported through social algorithms, digital programs, and online publishing meant to educate audiences on the elaborate (and ever-changing) world of print and digital. Forward on, we create a landscape on the bases of innovation and high focus.

branding award-winning agency.