Customizable Touch Screen Solutions

Mimo Monitors specializes in creating innovative touch screen monitors with the flexibility to suit various needs. They focus on making the most technologically advanced small monitors. Mimo understands that everyone is different, and they are willing to work with users to create something that fits their exact needs if they don’t already have a product that does. ArtVersion was excited to collaborate with Mimo to create Unify, intuitive software for their monitors.

Scope of work included

Designing User Pathways

ArtVersion set out to create software that allowed users to join and create meetings, message team members, and connect with virtual calendars. ArtVersion was thoughtful when creating the design, putting an emphasis on user experience and functionality. In the original wireframe, features included the ability to join meetings, mute/unmute, turn the camera on/off, view a calendar of upcoming events, share a screen and chat with others. The design is visually appealing and easy to navigate, both essential goals that Mimo had set.

in meeting
in meeting chat
settings screen
calendar week
calendar screen
not in meeting

Easier than Ever

After reviewing the core needs that Mimo laid out, ArtVersion reviewed the wireframe designs and made edits to ensure the software could be used with ease. The software was designed to work with any video conferencing software to allow for a single streamlined process. ArtVersions design ensures there will no longer be searching for a specific button or forgetting which platform your next call is on. With easily accessible icons visible throughout the meeting and a single place for all calls, working from home just got more accessible than ever.

join meeting ui
main dashboard ui ux
calendar ui ux
settings ui ux

More Creative

ArtVersion was able to flex their creative muscles further through the creation of custom icons for Mimo. The visual ideas came from Mimos brand goal of making life easier while keeping innovation in mind. The icons were designed to be intelligent, allowing users to find the correct button as quickly as possible.

Custom Iconography

screen human touch
monitor icons bar ui ux

The Result

Our user-focused design for this software allowed Mimo to stand out above all competitors with a streamlined process for video calls. The software is comfortable for users and prevents human error before it occurs.