Molly Flavin charged our team as the ideal creative partner with the goal of improving their website for a visually pleasing and well-functioning ecommerce experience. To promote product, services, and design from website to consumer, ArtVersion collaborated with the team to produce visuals, cohesive website and access to ecommerce functions.

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Scope of work included

Meaningful Messaging

With the focus placed on design, function and promotion of a product line, the target was to showcase product line through website and promote product and services, Molly Flavin partnered with ArtVersion to enhance in promoting messaging and design. From branding, product development and market strategy – ArtVersion designed and developed website experience WordPress in combination with WooCommerce.

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Brand Narrative

It was important that each flower arrangement had individual storytelling narratives, which included identifying a brand for each arrangement and creating flower deliverables. Implementing this connection to the brand and overall impact conversion rates and the experience the customer with personalization to the products.

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