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The National Association of REALTORS® empowers realtors to achieve their real estate ambitions, providing members the opportunity to build their expertise through ongoing education and support. NAR came to ArtVersion to help update the branding for one of their official certification programs, At Home With Diversity®, as well as to strategize and design supporting creative assets and collateral that would accelerate promotion of the program.

Marketing & Collateral Strategy

The At Home With Diversity® program was designed to present a picture of the changing face of the real estate industry, with classes addressing the topics of diversity, fair housing, and business planning development. The team at ArtVersion worked in collaboration with NAR to design an updated logo for the certification that could be utilized in all promotional materials and assets. In order portray the integrity of the program, the team incorporated an array of bright colors within staggered tiles to represent a commitment to diversity. WIth the branding elements established, collateral materials including a course manual, PowerPoint template, and a promotional flyer and brochure were developed.

logo identity
marketing strategy cover-page
intro innerspread 1
print collateral spread 2
print collateral spread 3
print collateral half closeup
brochure cover page 1
innerspread brochure
brohcure back cover page 2
print collateral design
graph visualization

Supporting Promotional Elements

To accompany the marketing collateral materials, the ArtVersion team shifted their focus to secondary elements that would support promotional efforts. Since members use web and social media to market themselves as real estate professionals, it was critical that they would be able to represent their At Home With Diversity® certification within those platforms. ArtVersion designed profile frames, cover photos, and graphics that members could use on their various social media accounts and certify their participation in the program.

fb cover photo
fb cover photo1
fb cover photo2
facebook banners tablet screen1
facebook banners screen tablet2
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Social Campaign

Using the branding and creative assets developed, ArtVersion strategized and designed promotional ads that could be used to market the program through social media. The team developed the storyboard and designed a video ad along with other shareables based on the executed marketing collateral to help generate interest and engagement on Instagram.

Customized Video Animation

social media sharables
social media ui screen