Outside Interactive

Two people running over bridge.

Project Disciplines

UI/UX design
Graphic design

Bringing Your Race to Your Virtual World



In support of its innovative Virtual Runner product, Outside Interactive tasked ArtVersion with the full interface and UX/UI design strategies to inform and engage their customer base. Integration of features such as video, original icons and a virtual app were enhanced by the implementation of a responsive layout.

UI Screens

Web Design
Logo mark of globe and person running.
Home page design screen desktop.
Numbers and icons on UI screen website.
New users intro section on website.
Video races on UI website screen.

Web Design Strategy


Virtual Runner works by allowing the user to interact with race courses, popular running routes and scenic locations on any treadmill via HD videos that can be accessed on multiple devices. Working with a product in the tech environment, it was critical to create smart and clear pathways for this technically savvy user.

User Experience

User persona development and customer journeys.

ArtVersion team identified and implemented the ideal solutions to offer an optimized user experience. ArtVersion integrated the already strong branding with custom photography to create a unique, dynamic and on-brand look and feel.

Person running outdoors.