A data graph shown on a mobile screen device.

Project Disciplines

Brand strategy
UI/UX design
Graphic design

The Challenge

Portfolio123 had the goal in mind to begin the process of a brand refresh, logo, and interface design.

They engaged the ArtVersion team to develop a cohesive brand identity that would not only offer a refreshed look and feel but also optimize the interface design and user experience for their clients, enhancing their overall market presence. It was crucial for the client to rejuvenate the existing brand while preserving the company’s core values and continuing to build on its legacy.

Portfolio123 is a trading platform designed to create, backtest, and invest with the user’s rule-based strategies. ArtVersion collaborated with their internal team to establish an appropriate and optimized style and tonality, that is fresh, and minimalist in design – resulting in an experience that reflected the brand platform and experience.

Data-driven design.

The Process

The process began with extensive research to gather insights into the client's industry, target audience, and competitive landscape.

The ArtVersion team embarked on the project by adopting a contextual design approach, prioritizing the creation of elements, shapes, and patterns as the foundational step. This method involves a deep dive into understanding the current brand identity, user interaction, and market positioning of Portfolio123. By focusing on these initial design elements, the team aimed to ensure that the refreshed brand would resonate with both existing and potential new clients while maintaining the integrity of the brand’s core values.

Research also informed the design direction, helping to align the visual elements with the strategic goals of the brand refresh. The ArtVersion team then developed a series of design concepts that explored different ways of integrating the new elements, shapes, and patterns into the brand’s identity, logo, and interface.


wireframe design for financial company

Collaboration with Portfolio123’s internal team was key throughout this process. Regular feedback sessions were held to refine the concepts, establishing that the final designs not only met the aesthetic and functional objectives but also felt true to the brand’s legacy and future vision. The iterative approach allowed for a dynamic evolution of the design, culminating in a refreshed brand identity that effectively communicated Portfolio123’s values and enhanced the user experience.

UI Screens

Web Design
A financial website displaying top menu navigation on desktop.
A website of a financial company.
A call to action section on a financial website.
A desktop UI screen of a financial company website.
A colorful gradient section of a financial website.
A website UI screen showing financial advice.

A Modernized Brand Identity

ArtVersion's team successfully addressed the client's challenge through a comprehensive and collaborative process, culminating in a revitalized brand identity, logo, and user interface that aligned with the brand’s objectives for a modernized presence while respecting its established values.

The team developed a new brand identity that retained the ethos of Portfolio123's core values but introduced a contemporary aesthetic. This was achieved by incorporating modern design principles, a refreshed color palette, and typography that resonated with current and future clients. The new brand identity was designed to be flexible, solidifying consistency across various media and platforms, from digital to print.

The design language and brand assets were developed with adaptability in mind, allowing for seamless updates and iterations as the company grows and evolves. This flexibility allowed Portfolio123 to adapt to market changes and user feedback without losing the core of its brand identity.

Data visualization circular graph on a tablet device.
Radial data graphs on mobile screen.

Logo Design

ArtVersion created a redesigned logo that symbolized Portfolio123’s evolution. The new logo maintained elements of the original to preserve brand recognition but was refined to reflect the brand’s growth and future direction. The design was clean, scalable, and adaptable, ensuring it would be effective across all branding materials and digital platforms.

Logo displayed in office signage.
Bright blue gradient abstract organic shapes.

Innovative Yet Familiar

The design language ArtVersion developed for Portfolio123 incorporated elements from the trading floor, drawing inspiration from charts, diagrams, and other visual tools commonly used in the finance sector. This strategic choice ensured that the refreshed brand identity resonated with the company’s core business and appealed to its target audience, who are familiar with the visual language of trading and financial analysis.

The integration of finance-inspired design elements created a cohesive brand experience that seamlessly connects the digital and physical aspects of Portfolio123. Whether users are engaging with the brand online, on mobile devices, or through printed reports, they encounter a consistent visual language that reinforces the brand’s values.

By embedding those patterns into the design language, ArtVersion struck a balance between innovation and familiarity. This approach distinguished Portfolio123 in a competitive market while also deepening the brand’s connection with its audience, reinforcing trust and credibility.

Logo design hovering above business buildings.
Cover and inner spread page of a logo brand guide.

Interface Design and Data Visualization

Recognizing the importance of data in the financial industry, the interface redesign emphasized clarity and ease of data visualization. Charts, graphs, and other data representation tools were designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, enhancing the user’s ability to make informed decisions quickly.

The interface was strategically designed to present tutorials, virtual courses, live support, and an active community experience that allows users to start as simply as they wish, and progress, at their own scalable pace.

Color Selections

To further solidify Portfolio123's brand identity with a modern and sophisticated look, a color palette was curated, aimed at embodying the fintech aesthetic. The selection of vibrant yet cohesive colors was specifically chosen for infographics and financial data visuals to captivate and engage. Through the color story, the brand's innovative edge was further emphasized, ensuring that every visual element resonated with the cutting-edge nature of the fintech industry.

Cobalt Capital
Aqua Assets
Purple Porfolio
Magenta Ventures
Blanc Holdings
Midnight Blue
Museo sans typeface in light weight.
Museo Sans
Typeface—Museo Sans in Regular.
Museo Sans
Museo sans typeface in bold weight.
Museo Sans


The typography was selected to complement the visual elements, ensuring readability and sophistication across all platforms, from digital interfaces to printed materials. Museo Sans was thoughtfully integrated into Portfolio123's website, serving as the primary typeface for headers, body text, and brand collateral. As a friendly font with distinctive geometric elements, Museo Sans imparts a sense of clarity and structural balance, ensuring effortless readability across all visual elements. The smooth curves and refined design of Museo Sans align seamlessly with the inviting tone of Portfolio 123's brand mission, providing a contemporary aesthetic.

The Result

ArtVersion and Portfolio123 collaborated together to create a meaningful and impactful brand refresh from logo to web.

The revitalization of Portfolio123’s brand identity, logo, and interface design by ArtVersion led to significant positive outcomes, marked by widespread adoption and approval both within the company and among its user base.

The update received positive feedback from both internal stakeholders and external users. Employees appreciated the modernized look and feel that aligned with the company’s vision and direction, while clients commended the enhanced functionality and aesthetic appeal of the interface. This feedback validated the design choices and strategic direction taken by ArtVersion and Portfolio123.

The modern, professional brand image, combined with an optimized user experience, resonated well with the target audience, leading to increased trust and credibility in the brand.