Client logo on image of person sitting out doors.

Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
People camping outdoors.

Design Process

Rooted in the belief that intentional living leads to holistic well-being, Tohm, a wellness brand, sought ArtVersion to create a brand identity that would serve as a companion in users' journeys toward self-discovery. Iterative design cycles and thoughtful feedback shaped a minimalist and cohesive visual language, resulting in a brand identity that seamlessly embodies Tohm's mission of empowering individuals to cultivate a purposeful and fulfilling life.

Blue business card on pebbles.
Brand identity billboard with nature oriented imagery.

Brand Identity

Through its wellness products, Tohm aims to create a supportive space where users can explore their thoughts, set meaningful goals, and cultivate a sense of balance in their lives. ArtVersion's brand strategy, along with design assets, were purposefully crafted for their brand ecosystem such as a contemporary design system language, color stories, typography, graphic design elements, and style guidelines that captured the ethos behind the lifestyle brand.

Brand book layout spread on yellow background.
Client seal in blue.
Triad graphic featuring adventure, balance, and purpose.
Forma font light.
Forma DJR Micro
Forma A thin font.
Forma DJR Micro
Forma typography in regular.
Forma DJR Micro
Forma typography in bold.
Forma DJR Micro


Forma DJR Micro was purposefully selected as a font choice for Tohm, as it effortlessly blends modernity with a touch of sophistication. Its clean and minimalist design reflects the brand's commitment to simplicity and mindfulness. The micro weights in Forma DJR lend a subtle elegance to the typography, ensuring that the text is visually harmonious and easy to read. 

Color Selections

The chosen color palette for the brand, was curated to evoke a sense of nature-inspired tranquility and warmth. Deep Lake and Forest Trail symbolize the essence of lush landscapes, fostering a connection to the outdoors and promoting a reflective environment. Golden Sunshine, Desert Blaze, and Canyon Clay introduce warm, earthy tones that infuse energy into the palette, symbolizing growth, positivity, and the vibrant hues found in natural settings. Lastly, Moonlight, a soft and calming shade, harmonizes the palette, instilling serenity.

Deep Lake
Forest Trail
Golden Sunshine
Desert Blaze
Canyon Clay

Brand Guidelines

Client Brand Guide cover page.
Client Brand Guide inspirational quote and mission statement.
Client Brand Guide interior page with topographic map pattern.
Client Brand Guide interior page with photo of woman kayaking.
Client Brand Guide interior page with logo white space diagram.
Client Brand Guide brand seal color applications.
Client Brand Guide brand topographic pattern application examples.
Instagram posts layout for lifestyle brand.
Poster bus stop advertisement for Tohm brand at night.
A set of branded notebooks in green and grey colors.