Quality Fabricators Inc. is a full service manufacturing facility that provides innovative custom metal fabricating and precision machining solutions. In need of a comprehensive brand refresh accompanied by an updated web design, they entrusted ArtVersion’s creative expertise to showcase their brand as a leader in the industry through a unique visual identity and intuitive user interface design.

Corporate Identity

Visual identity is fundamental to the brand — it not only introduces its authority within the industry, but engages with the target audience and invites them to learn more. It is therefore so important that the visual identity provides the right first impression. With this understanding, the team at ArtVersion set to work designing a refreshed logo that would serve as the foundation for the brand and subsequent design efforts. As the team advanced into the wireframing and design process, the updated brand identity helped establish the overall style and tonality.

On-location Photography

In order to portray a sense of authenticity and reflect the value of the Quality Fabricators brand, their expertise needed to be showcased in action. The ArtVersion team commuted to the Quality Fabricators facility to conduct on-location photography of the staff at work. Throughout the process, ArtVersion sought to highlight the precision of work executed in each respective area within the facility. While performing these photoshoots, ArtVersion also took video footage that was then edited appropriately to use on the site’s new homepage.

Designing User Experience

With all the refreshed brand assets, ArtVersion turned their sights to crafting the interface design. The Quality Fabricators brand is all about precision, so the new user interface needed to reflect that standard within the user experience. ArtVersion utilized crisp visual elements within a streamlined navigation in an effort to portray the brand’s dedication to delivering accuracy. To create a sense of movement within the interface, ArtVersion also incorporated a dynamic image map that allowed the user to “walk the floor” of the Quality Fabricators facility and select each area to explore and learn more.


When Quality Fabricators came to ArtVersion, they were in need of a total brand refresh that would accurately represent their advanced technology and high level of service. ArtVersion worked closely with the brand’s internal team to achieve this vision, implementing clean lines in a new visual identity. Building on the new logo, ArtVersion utilized the strong lines to organize intuitive user journeys and pathways –– resulting in a unified brand experience.