Manufacturing company circular logo displayed on a glass window.

Chemical Distribution Reinvented

Shipping container crates with chemical manufacturing logo displayed.

Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
UX Design
Web Design
A laptop UI UX screen for a manufacturing company.

Redefining User Experiences with Dynamism

Radchem Products Inc., one of the largest independent bulk chemical distributors in North America needed an optimized user experience. Seeking a creative agency to help refresh their site’s design and development, ArtVersion helped transform their static digital presence with a more dynamic look and feel. Through contextual and creative strategies, research, and more, ArtVersion successfully delivered a modernized website experience that fully realized Radchem's vision.

UI UX design screen of hamburger menu on a mobile website layout.
A billboard advertising a chemical distribution company.
A green serif font in a regular weight.
Playfair Display
Playfair Display
The letter "A" in Poppins light font.
The letter "A" in Poppins regular font.


To truly propel a contemporary aesthetic while also evoking approachability, ArtVersion decided on Playfair Display typography. Using its variants, the team was able to encapsulate a clear visual hierarchy across the website. The font selection was a perfect fit for readability and aesthetic appeal, but the font was also optimized for the web. It provided a balance between traditional serifs and contemporary needs, making the Radchem website’s aesthetic elegant, professional, and accessible to a wide audience.

Color Selections

To expand on the brand’s design language for that modern feel Radchem was aiming for, ArtVersion suggested a new color palette rich with deep green and blue colors and contrasted with lighter, bright hues to balance the overall look. The colors worked cleanly against the tonality of the photography and visual assets throughout the website to give it a unified look and feel. The colors were found integrated within collapsible sub-menu interactions, web page backdrops, timeline features, and much more, creating a modern design language.

Olive Green
Molecular Teal
A logo for a manufacturing plant at the top of a concrete building.
Construction hat with company logo on it.
An ipad screen showcasing a UX screen of various chemical product offerings.

Modernized Web Presence

The overall purpose of the web design was to curate contemporary pathways, journeys, and navigation that would engage potential clients and users with a seamless user experience. With interactive navigation and intuitive storytelling, the website came to full fruition with modernized page layouts. The sharp modular sections and geometric divides within the site offered a unique visual hierarchy and a visually interesting approach to showcasing Radchem’s products. The team also infused the website with elements that showcased their culture in strategic, but approachable ways throughout the site.

UI Screens

Web Design
A keychain for a chemical distribution plant.
Chemical distribution word mark logo on a business card.

The Outcome

Collectively, the website was a platform that enriched Radchem’s brand identity, while also showcasing to the world its rich history and growing legacy. Their modernized digital presence allowed the team to cater to industries and clients they aimed to work with, as well as elevate conversions and brand growth. Most importantly, it led to a digital presence that felt uniquely built for Radchem.