A tablet device showcasing a cover page for a digital brochure publication.

Project Disciplines

Print Design
Graphic Design
UI UX Design

Custom white paper design for SaaS leaders supporting financial and sustainability goals for clean energy investors.

An iPad tablet displaying a cover design of digital white paper for a sustainable energy company.
Data numbers and icons for a company that specializes in providing solutions for renewable energy.
Mobile cards showing data numbers and line graphs.
A field of turbines sustainable renewable energy.
Graphs and charts design for a brochure of a company specializing solutions for renewable energy.

User Friendly Graphic Design

REsurety partnered with ArtVersion to enhance the visual identity of their brand within company communications, particularly for their white paper designs.

The collaboration was focused on amplifying the impact of key research findings through a refined branding aesthetic. ArtVersion incorporated industry best practices to develop a contextual framework that established a strong visual hierarchy, highlighting the most important information. This contextual approach helped structure the content while also focusing on visually captivating elements to engage readers more deeply.

ArtVersion also created custom graphics and charts by optimizing and enhancing REsurety’s provided assets, with a highly optimized and modern look and feel. This helped enhance the data readability and coordination with the information presented. As the whitepaper designs were rich with data and information, ArtVersion utilized best practices throughout the contextual and conceptual stages to ensure that the data was organized properly with the infographics and callouts showcased. This was also completed with a user-centric perspective to prevent cognitive overload. Additionally, each white paper design was developed for digital download to further open pathways for user access.

Two print publications showcasing the cover designs.
A close up design of a print white paper publication.
Annual report design for a company focused on renewable energy and sustainability.
A print publication design with tables and charts for a company that specializes in providing solutions for renewable energy.
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Color Selections

In the design process of REsurety's whitepaper, ArtVersion carefully balanced the established brand colors with new, vibrant hues to attract attention to crucial information within the document. The introduction of these new colors was focused on visual cues, callouts, and key data points to make them stand out on the page. ArtVersion also made sure that these additions enhanced rather than overwhelmed the existing brand identity, maintaining a cohesive and appealing color scheme. The integration resulted in a neat coordination of hues that both preserved the brand's identity and improved visual engagement.

Azure Energy
Eco Green
Sunburst Orange
Solar Gold
Letter A in proxima nova regular typeface.
Proxima Nova
Letter A in proxima nova bold typeface.
Proxima Nova


Readability and a modern aesthetic were key priorities in the white paper design for REsurety, prompting ArtVersion to choose Proxima Nova as the primary typeface. This selection was strategic; Proxima Nova is renowned for its clarity and versatility, making it an excellent choice for corporate communications that require both legibility and a contemporary feel. Its clean, geometric lines contributed to an uncluttered layout, enhancing the overall readability of the document.

Visual Campaign and Communication

As a prominent SaaS company actively participating in various events and tradeshows, REsurety required a cohesive set of marketing materials to promote its initiatives.

To meet this need, ArtVersion crafted a series of comprehensive campaigns tailored for these events, encircling brochure designs, signage, and additional promotional materials. The goal was to ensure that the visuals remained consistent but also optimized for various forms of communication across all platforms.

The design process focused on creating a unified brand experience that would be instantly recognizable, enhancing REsurety’s presence at crowded events. ArtVersion utilized a streamlined visual language that resonated with the established brand identity while incorporating new elements to capture attention.

A standing banner showcasing a renewable energy solution.
A city street billboard banner for renewable energy company.

The Outcome

REsurety's collaboration with ArtVersion enhanced its visual communications strategy, aligning it with the company’s standing as a leader in the SaaS market for sustainable and clean energy solutions. The whitepaper designs—both digital and print,  revitalized REsurety’s branding while setting a new standard for their corporate communications, ensuring that each piece of content was both visually appealing and strategically aligned with their overall business goals.