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The Internet Society is a renowned, non-profit organization that empowers people globally to keep the Internet open, secure, and trustworthy. With all the positive contributions the organization has, and continues, to make, they needed an agency like ArtVersion to help further their digital presence with a multi-part project.

A UI desktop web design screen.

Project Disciplines

UI/UX design
Graphic design
Marketing collateral

UI/UX Strategy

The Internet Society team extended their enduring collaborative relationship with ArtVersion, entrusting them with user experience development for their Action Plan and Impact Report.

Each project attained its own, distinct design language and UI kit, that felt unique to each initiative. Yet, when represented collectively, they were cohesive and worked together visually to represent the Internet Society organization as a whole. Each ensured that the purpose and impact of the non-profit organization was authentically represented.

Mobile Designs

Impact Report
Impact Report Heading UI screen.
Text and Blue World Map Mobile UI screen.
"In Canada" Mobile Screen.
Full Color Background Mobile Screen.
In Zimbabwe With Image and Icon Mobile UI Screen.
Infographic with Numbers Mobile Screen.
A person typing on a laptop with custom iconography.

UI Screens

Action Plan
Action plan 2022 heading on a desktop UI screen.
"Enabling Sustainable Technical Community" UI Screen.
A UI screen featuring a bullet point list for context and people on fixing a power line.
Web UI design desktop screen with copy and orange color palette.
Sustainable growth 2022 UI screen design people hugging image.

The Internet as a Force for Good

Inclusive and Accessible Design for Everyone

Keeping in mind the organization's mission of inclusivity, each website and digital report offered audible expression of all content within the report and multiple language translations for accessibility to the client's global audience. Usability and accessibility were paramount, but that didn't mean the innovation was limited. Rather, there were immersive animations and unique color stories across each project.

Color Palette

Cool tones colors for the Internet Society's color palette include serene blues, calming greens, and refreshing purples. These colors evoke a sense of trust, innovation, and connectivity, reflecting the organization's commitment to a forward-thinking digital future.

Bright Blue
Dark Blue
Mint Green
Black Blue
Hind light a letter characters.
Hind Typeface Regular.
Hind bold A character.


"Hind" is a modern and versatile typeface utilized exclusively for the Internet Society. With clean lines, subtle geometric details, and a friendly demeanor, Hind embodies the organization's commitment to innovation and connectivity. It ensures readability across digital platforms, promoting a positive user experience. 


Strategic color coordination and graphical elements coalesced to create a compelling visual narrative. To enhance user engagement and elevate visual appeal, the information was enriched with customized graphic elements and dynamic animations that fluidly moved in sync with user interactions and navigation.

A design of the Earth, with a dotted line across it.
Going Above and Beyond UI Screen.

Interactive UI 

Each element outside of graphics was also carefully curated with microinteractions that added visual and interactive features to infographics, icons, and more for engagement and retention.

Person on Hill Holding Tablet Device.

Collateral Design

In addition to a dedicated web page, a PDF was needed that would share the same content and be made available for download from the web page. This would create opportunities for conversion in the form of report downloads and organization outreach. To alchemize the impact that the Internet Society has on a global scale, ArtVersion designed and developed their 2021 Impact Report.

Multiple copies of printed action plan and impact reports.

Taking action by growing strengthening securing the internet

Annual report design printed spread for non-profit organization.
Action plan with covers and an open spread.
Open printed report.
Impact report with an open spread and cover copies behind.
Impact report featuring the cover page and a inner spread.

Longevity of Success

The project allowed Internet Society to solidify its vision for the future, inspire continued support, and create an Internet that is safe, accessible, and for everyone, everywhere.

Average time spent on site
Decrease bounce rate
Increase of report downloads
Isometric report pages.