Action Plan 2022

Founded in 1992, the Internet Society is a global nonprofit organization that promotes the development of the Internet as a global technical infrastructure, a resource to enrich people’s lives, and a force for good in society. The organization’s goal was to offer to their members and stakeholders a highly accessible, inclusive and dynamic digital roadmap for the year ahead to communicate clearly defined goals, deliverables and a financial plan.

Scope of work included

UI/UX Strategy

ArtVersion designed a dedicated web page and downloadable report to share the organization’s goals, tactics and KPIs for 2022. The lightweight page coding minimized the use of the user’s system resources, with functionality that allowed for expansive ease of delivery. Features included fast loading times regardless of available network speeds to mitigate inequalities and disproportionate access to the Internet through community networks in rural, remote, and urban communities. We also had the opportunity to creatively expand upon the existing brand guidelines while maintaining the client’s fundamental visual identity.

wireframe header
wireframe introduction
wireframe growing the internet
wireframe deploying growing
wireframe infographic

Inclusive And Accessible Design

Thoughtful use of creative icons and micro-interactions were developed that were engaging without being dependent on the quality of the user’s internet speeds or interfering with system memory. Keeping in mind the organization’s mission of inclusivity, the website offered audible expression of all content within the report and multiple language translations for accessibility for the client's global audience.

ui ux devices
landing page header
measuring the internet
growing the internet
internet way of networking
low orbit

An Impact Solution

The site required that the report be available to a diverse audience at varying levels of ability, keeping in mind geographic regions, available technology and individual user needs. In addition to a dedicated web page, a PDF was needed that would share the same content and be made available for download from the web page. This would create opportunities for conversion in the form of report downloads and organization outreach.

cover report design
report design spread1
inner spread report design
report spread design2
report design spread3
report design spread 4
cover and report spread

Custom Iconography

pan wifi cion
iconography design

The Result

The project allowed Internet Society to clarify their vision for the future, inspire continued support and create a culture of accountability for success. Results for the first month included a 127% increase of average time spent on the site; 43% decrease in bounce rate; and 45% increase of PDF downloads. ArtVersion was honored to collaborate with the Internet Society by designing their 2022 Action Plan that organized their future contributions and strategies to uphold the Internet’s growth, protection, and accessibility.