The Solution

Serving as an easy and cost efficient way to travel with a safety net, SafeGard Travel Medicine is the preeminent provider of online medical services serving travelers worldwide through an online evaluation and network of associated pharmacies. After their initial launch, the SafeGard team sought to simplify the process of engagement for their growing user base, tasking ArtVersion with the challenge of strategizing new UI/UX pathways to streamline and optimize the experience.

User-Centered Intuitive Design

For many, with or without chronic illness, traveling out of the range of their physician can be a concern. SafeGard Travel Medicine extends the range of care everywhere the traveler goes. SafeGard users are asked to fill out an online travel form which is then evaluated by a team of travel medicine trained physicians, nurses and pharmacists. The resulting recommendations then allow the traveler to obtain the necessary travel vaccinations and medications from a network pharmacy.

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Building Digital Trust

In addition to refreshing the color palette and type styling to promote ease for the patient, our solution was a result of close consideration and study of the user journey. Requiring personalized information from the user throughout much of the experience, we sought to create connection and trust through a step by step process featuring a sidebar with supporting information providing transparency, clarification and next step cues. Through an iterative process, the resulting journey is a more smooth experience, allowing SafeGard to extend a more valuable and confident experience to their user.

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