Capturing Hope

SOS Children’s Villages Illinois provides a unique model of foster care where children receive the opportunity to live and thrive in nurturing, stable, single-family homes with a full-time, professionally-trained Foster Parent. The project focused on transitioning the website of SOS Children’s Villages Illinois from semi-responsive to an adaptable, energetic resource hub that keeps visitors connected with the lives and stories of those at the core of their mission. The innovative approach to traditional foster care by SOS Children’s Villages Illinois, along with ArtVersion’s experience in building brand identity, was a perfect match.

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The Solution

ArtVersion livened the website of SOS Children’s Villages Illinois with a sharp user interface design that was optimized for browsing on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Interactive tools and functionality provided users with more flexibility (and less friction) to learn about the company’s Foster Parent application process. A more pronounced brand identity emerged.

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User Experience that Relates

With a focus on informational, invitational user experience, the website aimed to keep both benefactors and general audiences invested & involved with an emotional connection. Social media activity was mirrored to unify the core messaging of SOS Children’s Villages Illinois across all its digital channels, while the company’s “Giving” page was updated to reflect the power of meaningful online philanthropy.

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A Force for Good

Ultimately, ArtVersion grounded the core values of SOS Children’s Villages Illinois and illustrated clearer transparency about the company’s mission in serving underprivileged youth. The project was awarded first place at the 2019 Vega Digital Awards for best web design in the "Non-Profit" category.

Powered by a seamless website and cohesive digital channels, SOS Children’s Villages Illinois continues to be a leader in responsive community change.