Special Olympics Illinois

A annual report design shown on a tablet device.

Project Disciplines

Marketing Collateral
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Graphic design
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Annual Report Design Across Print and Digital

To fully represent the renowned accomplishments Special Olympics Illinois achieved, an annual report design and corporate brochure—for both print and digital, was vital. Their organization appointed ArtVersion to spearhead the cross-media initiative.

Special Olympics Illinois (SOILL) is a not-for-profit organization that transforms the lives of people with intellectual disabilities in realizing their full potential in sports, and life. SOILL offers year-round training and competition in 18 sports to a community of more than 55,000 athletes, coaches, volunteers, and more. To capture the vigor and celebratory feats, the design and messaging were purposefully curated with an engaging visual story.
Person hitting a tennis ball at indoor tennis court.
Small kid jumping into water pool.
Regional highlights of Illinois map shown on an iPad tablet screen.

Visual Storytelling

Both the corporate brochure and annual report were rich with data, stories, testimonials, and event photography, thus the creative art direction for both sets of collateral was designed with a vibrant look and feel that mimicked the liveliness of every story.

The modernization of the annual report involved a deep-dive analysis of SOILL and each event that it wanted to spotlight. Content strategy and development were contextually curated alongside the design. The design behind the brochure and report complimented the other with cohesive graphic design elements and color palettes. ArtVersion introduced circular graphic elements that were embedded into the photography and custom iconography to not only offer contemporary visual intrigue, but to also capture the nuance of togetherness, inclusivity, and community.

Interactive Design

Digital Annual Report
UI/UX design page of cops on rooftop image and copy left side.
Letter from athlete leader section UI/UX.
Gallery of images with quote at top right corner.
Triumph as a team section on web design page.
Percentage number data inside red circle and person smiling at top right corner.

Mobile Design

Responsive UI
Triumph as a team with ducky derby on mobile device.
Letter from an athlete younger person leader holding medal award on mobile screen.
Smiling person and quote on mobile screen device.
Children doing polar plunge challenge on mobile screen.

Print to Pixel

To modernize collateral and marketing strategies, SOILL also worked with ArtVersion to digitize the report on their website. The digital version allowed for many opportunities for the creative integration of iterative elements and animations with accessibility and usability at the forefront. Regional maps became interactive along with graphic design animations, and a PDF download to the print report was also readily available for users.

Home page of a non-profit website displayed on a mobile screen device.

Design Elements

Customized linear icons with colorful circles.
Colored circle shapes graphic elements.
Athletes participate in various sports.
01  /  
02  /  
03  /  
Layered annual report cover page and inner pages.

Brochure Design

The brochure design was also concurrently curated with the annual report and attained graphic elements within its visual story. The messaging was contextually implemented to align with the design—thanking sponsors for support, sharing SOILL’s mission and story, and the impact the non-profit continues to make in the lives of many athletes in Illinois.

Brochure design open spread and cover design.
Individual pages of brochure design.
Athlete oath quote and kid holding ball.
Olympics reporting brochure open spread design.
An annual report displayed on multiple screen digital devices.

Annual Report Design

Annual milestones stat numbers page shown on a tablet device.
An annual report design show on a tablet and designed for an organization.
An annual report design displayed on a tablet device and designed for an organization dedicated to empower individuals with disabilities through sports.

Brand Identity

Color Palette

The color scheme of the report was carefully curated, striking a delicate balance while staying true to the established brand colors of SOILL, particularly its signature red. These vibrant hues were chosen for their readability and accessibility standards. This thoughtful approach to color usage created cohesion throughout the report, unifying titles, graphic design elements, and page accents.

Dark Blue
Green Teal
Alphabet letter A in Ubuntu regular font weight.
Alphabet letter A in Ubuntu bold font weight.
Alphabet letter A in Georgia bold font weight.


In the design of the report, the selection of Ubuntu and Georgia for typography was a deliberate choice, anchored in their clarity and their versatility in various font formats. The report artfully experiments with capitalization in its titles, employing a mix of all-capital and lowercase arrangements. Ubuntu and Georgia were particularly suited for this purpose, offering the necessary legibility and thickness to bring this nuanced typographic detail to life.

Flyer design on bus stop.
Young person throwing a football.
Event all access event pass design.
Medal award with blue overlay.

The Outcome

Both print and digital materials served a dual purpose: internally, they were circulated among the SOILL team, and externally, they reached sponsors, volunteers, and supporters. The intent was to vividly share the enriching and heartening narratives of SOILL’s unwavering commitment to intellectually diverse athletes, fostering a sense of community and opening new avenues of opportunity. Mirroring this effort, the digital version of the report extended its reach globally, drawing in additional support and inspiring a wider audience with the nonprofit’s ongoing, transformative impact.