A web app platform serving school district’s nationwide requiring a strategic, streamlined and phased rollout that would not affect user-flows in every school’s administrative processes. To support their growing and long-term user base, the SRC team sought a user interface redesign for the Gateway Suite that required a careful, scaled and thoughtful deployment process.

Scope of work included

User Interface and Experience Design

As a premier enrollment and digital documents processor with an active user base in over 100 school districts and educational facilities, SRC Solutions features an archive of over a million records. SRC Solutions partnered with the ArtVersion team to lead this monumental rollout in an organized, concise and structured manner. By facilitating the complexity of the interface and refreshing the look and feel to reflect current trends and best practices, the ArtVersion team successfully managed the project by working hand in hand with internal development departments, faster than ever before.

ui ux design2
ui ux design4
ui ux design5
ux ui design6
ui ux design1
ui ux design3

Visual & Contextual Interface Design

Through data-driven and purposeful design, ArtVersion structured user journeys and pathways to accommodate a seamless digital experience for both the administration, parents and students. With the customizable centralized dashboard the end user could focus on their own areas of interest to further optimize their personal experience.

custom icon design
ui ux mobile
app design

Usability & Accessibility

To support the nature of the suite, taking into consideration the vast and growing number of active users and demographics, a key usability factor was to promote clarity with refined user journeys through an accessible user interface. With a focus on the minimalism and simplicity of the interface being so prevalent in this project, the elements were built purposefully with flexibility in mind for the visually impaired audience. By utilizing contrast ratios, color schemes, typography style and size as well as visual iconography – the platform was custom built and carefully crafted to accommodate color changes and further customizations on a district level, both on the web interface and in the mobile app interface to match brand consistency throughout.