The Challenge

The Charles is a bold redesign of a well known residential development within the heart of an established community. The industry leading development company behind the new property engaged ArtVersion to create a brand identity, website, on-site custom photograhy, content strategy, sales collateral and marketing campaign to connect the community and prospective tenants with the property’s inspired future.

Scope of work included

The Solution

The team at The Charles envisioned the redesign as a first of its kind experience in the area. A community of bespoke condominiums and townhomes with a full-service lifestyle offering, featuring beautifully renovated, designer inspired, one, two and three bedroom residential homes with a full array of community amenities.

The Process

After conducting a brand assessment and competitive analysis, ArtVersion determined that the strongest facet of the project was its sleek design, lifestyle offerings and ability to connect residents with everything outside its doors via concierge services. Instead of relying on the traditional look and feel, the ArtVersion team created a contemporary, boutique hotel aesthetic to spotlight this new perspective on this quintessentially full-service lifestyle.

The Result

The newly modern identity embraces the essence of lifestyle hospitality with fresh details that evoke the indulgence of full service luxury living. The graphic system, with its blue-gray color, geometric shapes and experiential narrative, are consistent with the idea of ‘loving where you live’. Through content strategy and user persona development, the ArtVersion team’s design ensures the ideal user journey and higher rate of conversion. Through the collaboration with ArtVersion, The Charles has increased their reach among multiple platforms and has a consistent perspective in distributed assets for optimized client communications and outreach.