The Virginia A. Groot Foundation

A three dimensional sculpture on the home page for a tablet display.

Furthering The Growth of Three Dimensional Artists

Project Disciplines

Graphic design
UX Design

Dynamic Web Design and Branding Ecosystem

Sculptural storytelling is a dimensional and visceral experience, and The Virginia A. Groot Foundation was seeking a collaborator to help express the artistic stories behind their foundation with a refreshed digital presence and modernized brand identity. The Virginia A. Groot Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers annual grants to sculptural artists. They engaged ArtVersion to completely transform their static website into a dynamic and fluid experience—mirroring the depth of the tactile art form.

A person looks at a fine art piece on the wall of a gallery.

Brand Guidelines

As the website received a complete overhaul, its brand guidelines were also refreshed to align with the new look and feel. ArtVersion’s designers incorporated the new revamped digital assets and elevated the brand story further with content that matched the new website’s tonality. This helped ensure that there was brand cohesion and consistency for future branding and marketing initiatives.

The front cover for the brand guide featuring the client's logo.
"Using the brand guidelines" spread and table of contents.
Audience spread of the brand guide.
"Brand personality attributes" spread of brand guide.
A logo spread of the brand guidelines.
A spread featuring branded colors.
A spread discussing the typography used for the brand.
For the love of 3-d Art seal and sculpture of persons head.

Sculpting A New Digital Presence

As the foundation’s legacy continues to grow, the ArtVersion team knew The Virginia A. Groot’s online presence needed to evolve with it. Within the conceptual and wireframe process, it was decided that a clean, and sleek look and feel would mirror a gallery aesthetic along with developed inner pages that shared the foundation’s inspirational story. Expanding upon the website’s inner pages took on a dynamic approach that included content curation, video embedding, interactive navigation to view artists and their work, and new page integrations such as media and press to drive user engagement and strengthen the website's SEO.

A three-dimensional sculpture of a person's head.

Designing a Digital Exhibition

To commemorate the foundation’s legacy of over 30 years, and the winning artists who have submitted their work, it was important to intersperse visual imagery of art pieces. Throughout the website, ArtVersion optimized and isolated an archive of photography to strategically place them against a white, clean backdrop. To celebrate the achievements of grant winners, the development team incorporated a scalable and interactive timeline of every winning Groot Grant recipient organized by year. Additionally,  a digitized flip-through book of the foundation’s printed publication, Visual Perspectives was implemented to engage users with a new interactive feature that encouraged them to explore the website further.

UI Screens

Versatile Design
Home page web design, with two people making a 3D sculpture.
"Led by creators" section of UI with a 3D sculpture of a persons head.
A 3d sculpture next to "Eligibility" UI screen.
A 3D sculpture of a persons head by "Contributions in artistic development" section of web design.
"Our Story" web design page with an image of Candice B Groot and her pet dogs.
A "Winners Timeline" UX/UI web design page.

Mobile Screens

Versatile Design
A home page mobile UX/UI screen with a image of a person design a 3d sculpture.
"Artists" section of uI featuring a head image of a person making a 3d sculpture.
"Previous winner" mobile UX/UI screen.
A mobile UI screen featuring an abstract red 3d sculpture.
Footer and "Documentary Series" mobile designs.
A UX/UI screen showcasing an artists photogallery.
Lower resolutions UX design for non-profit organization.

Modernized Design System

Although the website remained authentic to a classic, minimal color scheme, the team integrated The Virginia A. Groot brand color story and utilized its inclusion as a transition between pages. This design choice gave every page new life and dimension for an extra touch of color—with cohesiveness in mind that allowed the imagery and graphical elements to be beautifully contrasted across every webpage. These color and graphical directions were also kept consistent within social media assets to engage potential artists to submit their work for the new granting year. Additionally, the isolated treatment of the imagery further evoked that gallery-like feel that the team was aiming for, in a sleek, modern way.

For the love of 3d art banner.

Color Palette

The color palette was a convergence of the foundation's original brand color story and the incorporation of new colors from ArtVersion. The team introduced new hues to their brand with dark blue and charcoal black for contrast. Additionally, the team optimized the original color palette with ADA compliance standards for accessibility and usability across mediums. 


Inter was the typography front-runner for the project as it offered a contemporary look and feel that would be found in an art gallery for its clean, minimalistic design. Further, Inter was a perfect option for readability and versatility across the foundation's newly established brand ecosystem.

Deadline ads on the wall of a stairwell.
An ad being displayed on a billboard at a bus stop.

The Result

The updated website ignited new inspiration for artists to submit their art while digitally preserving the life of previous submissions. The newly established brand ecosystem refreshed the foundation that encapsulated the legacy of all the artists, while also creating new excitement for future sculptors. Further, the collaboration between ArtVersion and Virginia A. Groot wrapped up perfectly at the cusp of the following year's grant submissions opening. The overall website design was also a recipient of an accolade for its user experience and user interface design.