Committed to providing access to opportunities that lead to a higher quality of services, TransUnion works to understand their customer’s risk, and evolving needs to create solutions that help companies innovate and grow. Traditionally known as an industry leading credit data and risk-management provider, TransUnion seeks to continually identify opportunities to reinvest in their user set, allowing them to thrive further.

Scope of work included

The Solution

As a part of a new campaign centered around healthcare providers and the insurance marketplace, the TransUnion global team engaged ArtVersion to design and deliver a top-down vision inclusive of campaign design and development, visual communication design, corporate communications, UI/UX design, print collateral and marketing material for digital distributions.

Campaign design
Web UI/UX Design

UI/UX Strategy

The ArtVersion strategy team immediately began discovery and assessment to establish a strategic planning process that leveraged TransUnion’s well-known brand with risk management and insurance. The goal was to have an approach to insurance that was directly linked to generating the trust factor and accuracy that TransUnion has gained a reputation for. This included assessment and analysis of existing user patterns, journeys, and expectations in order to define the current and future vision for this segment of the business and identifying new conversion opportunities based on the capabilities of this service offering.

Web UI/UX Design
healthcare campaign design
banner design


Working collaboratively with the TransUnion team, we enabled intensive discovery and content assessment to access critical information, aligning it with user needs using qualitative and quantitative research. With the majority of interactions existing online for TransUnion, our main focus was to ensure that the digital experience reflected the authentic brand experience in an approachable but industry-leading manner. As such, all touchpoints – both print and digital needed to be fully consistent with the brand perspective.

The Result

With a solid foundation for the new campaign experience, TransUnion approaches the market with an innovative vision and the reputation to back it up. TransUnion is well positioned to offer its consumer base a total solution to risk-management from personal data to healthcare with the user-centric tools and assets that will provide a scalable, flexible and adaptable future for the program.