Building exterior with logo design for the transportation industry.

Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
UI/UX Design
Responsive design for tablet, featuring user interface screens for insurance industry.
A tablet and mobile phone screen showcasing designs for a financial services website.
Bank ad outside of a building that reads "Picture yourself a winner".

A Campaign Transformation

TransUnion, a leading American consumer credit reporting agency, was ready to launch its new campaign and needed an agency that could effectively design its new mission. ArtVersion was selected as the entrusted creative team to propel their campaign successfully.

As a part of a new campaign centered around healthcare providers, hospitals, and the insurance marketplace, the TransUnion global team tasked ArtVersion to design and deliver a top-down vision for their campaign. ArtVersion designed a campaign with the motif and theme of “open doors” which encapsulated the mission of inclusively and symbolically representing opening the doors for healthcare. The campaign’s design language incorporated the newly designed brand refresh that TransUnion had undergone, and ArtVersion took its new look to the next level within the campaign. Print collateral items were designed and developed to propel the campaign forward, which included internal and external communications, marketing material, and more for print and digital distribution.

Mobile screen UI layout.
Corporate identity design for print and marketing collateral.
A graphic with open doors for a corporate campaign.

Additional Corporate Communications

Building on the campaign’s success, TransUnion also engaged ArtVersion on a retainer basis, seeking their expertise to enhance internal corporate communications and marketing efforts. Seeking a modern and unified aesthetic, TransUnion entrusted ArtVersion with the task of elevating its brand presence through various branding materials. This included the design and development of custom thank-you cards, conference room signage, product sheets, infographics, and more. Following a recent brand refresh, it was crucial for TransUnion that ArtVersion intentionally implement the newly established brand identity across all print communications and distribution channels, for consistency and cohesiveness in its corporate visuals.

A blue business thank you card on a white and blue background.
An insurance website landing page on a laptop screen.
A conference room with a screen at the end of the table dictating the rules of the room usage.
Banner for marketing collateral.
A infographic map design of the United States showcased on a tablet screen.

Digital Design Expansion

Supplementing the print items, ArtVersion expanded its services to include digital projects, focusing on UI/UX tasks. This encompassed the creation of digital ad sidebars that aligned with TransUnion's branding, interactive infographic components, PowerPoint templates, and other digital assets. The digital efforts were integral in furthering the growth and integration of TransUnion's brand identity, ensuring seamless visual communication.

A UI screen on an iPad device, for transportation company.
Multiple tablet screens displaying various infographic designs for a financial company.
A conference hall screen displaying a brand strategy slideshow.
Various chart designs for a financial services company displayed on a laptop screen.
User interface design featuring custom iconography and information hierarchy on a laptop screen.
Two mobile screen devises showcasing UX designs for a financial services website.
A laptop screen displaying a home page design for a financial services website.
A blue font depicting the letter "A" in a light font.
A blue font depicting the letter "A" in a regular font.
A blue font depicting the letter "A" in a semi bold font.
A blue font depicting the letter "A" in a bold font.


Adhering to TransUnion's established branding standards, ArtVersion utilized Intro, which was the company's typography. Intro was utilized for all campaign and collateral materials for its energetic and bright personality. Intro in different formatting, allowed for headers and hierarchy to be read clearly and distinctly. Additionally, the lean typeface captured the modern and contemporary look and feel TransUnion had established in its legacy.

Color Selections

The palette was also composed of the established colors in TransUnion's branding, but the ArtVersion team utilized and incorporated its colors in strategic ways. The colors were pulled contextually and creatively across all designs to capture ideas, draw emphasis on particular items, and more. The team also made sure that the hues were in line with accessibility standards for all users to enjoy the designs. ArtVersion also ensured that the colors followed and respected TransUnion's branding style and specifications.

Corporate white paper design report for information technology industry.
A bank company logo in silver on an office wall.

The Outcome

The campaign culminated in a resounding success, significantly enhancing TransUnion's brand identity and mission.

The multi-layered undertaking incorporated both additional branding and marketing tasks, to reinforce cohesive communications. The collaboration between ArtVersion and TransUnion further cemented the consumer credit company with authority in its industry.

A large light up corporate billboard design at night time.
A brochure design for a corporation showcasing a case study.
Transparent conference room windows with a corporate logo showing through.
TrunsUnion Campaign material Design