The Challenge

When two industry leaders launched an initiative to unite their great companies, Kronos and Ultimate Software brought together over 70 years of experience in HR solutions to form UKG. While their compatible people-focused cultures were a perfect match for such a merger, the challenge became how best to celebrate their separate heritages while also paving the way for their future together as one brand.

To help achieve this vision for a united future, UKG sought to memorialize their parent companies within a digital environment. With ArtVersion’s creative expertise paired with the masterful archival skills of Heritage Werks, a digital heritage museum was constructed to represent the lasting legacies of the two powerhouse brands.

Scope of work included

A Collaborative Approach

Telling the story of two distinct yet unified companies required a high level of communication from the start. The ArtVersion team facilitated weekly collaborative sessions between all appropriate members from ArtVersion, Heritage Werks, and UKG to align on weekly tasks and objectives. This approach ensured that the project moved seamlessly in order to accommodate the escalated timeline for site launch. From these sessions, the overall message and strategy was formulated with the goal of representing both a contextual and visual balance between the brand narratives.

UI/UX Strategy

As a result of their collaborative sessions, the teams determined that the primary user would be employees and stakeholders of both Kronos and Ultimate Software. While it was important to present a cohesive story that would make sense to any user, current and former employees would refer to the digital heritage museum to reminisce on fond memories of their respective company as they navigated through the site. With this in mind, ArtVersion strategized with Heritage Werks to organize the appropriate pathways and journeys for each type of user. By incorporating a filtering functionality in conjunction with visual elements that subtly distinguished between the two brands, employees could identify each respective company’s history and accomplishments.

The Result

With their separate histories recognized and documented in a new digital environment, the Kronos and Ultimate Software teams were emboldened to move full steam ahead as UKG. Through the digital heritage museum, ArtVersion and Heritage Werks were able to unite each brand’s unique past with their shared vision for the future in a cohesive, balanced way that served as much more than just a reference point for the new brand, but as an inspiration for times to come.