Week Peek

Reviving Nostalgia with a Modern Twist

Mobile app design.

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Custom UI for App Development

Layered within the lively and vast energy of social media, a much more subtle, yet significant theme has become the centerfold: nostalgia. Whether capturing memories with photos and archiving them for later viewing, social apps tap into users’ nostalgia through photography—solidifying moments in time for future reminiscing. To celebrate the theme of rumination, Week Peek, a start-up company based in Los Angeles, was ready to make nostalgia the focal point of their app. Week Peek is a photo-sharing app that allows users to snap a photo throughout their week based on prompts for their friend circle to view, and with an app concept ready to become reality, their team partnered with ArtVersion to develop their user interface (UI) design. 

Designing for Seamless User Flow

Although part of the initiative did not include app built-out on the development side, ArtVersion poised each UI design with a fluid and seamless user flow that would ensure a robust integration when the UX aspect of the app kicked off for Week Peek’s development team. User journeys and pathways were also fleshed out within each design along with responsive design thinking and cross-platform compatibility.

The idea behind Week Peek’s app’s functionality was to allow users to share a photo a day based on the selected prompt—an acronym for “Last Week” featuring words that correlated with each letter’s prompt. Thus, considering the flow of each prompt was important throughout the design process. The team storyboarded how each design screen would appear with a high-fidelity approach that ensured each microinteraction was covered and optimized properly.

Photo sharing interface for photography app design.

Design Language

As the targeted demographic for the app leaned heavily into prominently younger generations, the UI had to reflect their preferences. ArtVersion took on a design approach that was inviting and fun but offered a simple flow. The approach for simplicity in its framework was to ensure that the user’s content—their images— were the center focus. Further, attention span was also a key player in the design process. To encourage consistent user interactivity and engagement, the UI had to feel quick and easy to view a user’s close friends’ posts and feel engaging to keep their interest peeked. The graphic design team at ArtVersion achieved this by introducing gamification concepts of interactions and incorporating rounded edges for each post and prompt option which added charm and playfulness—offering a unique spin on traditional app designs while feeling unique to Week Peek’s growing company.

User interface design for app development.
User interface screen for contacts pathway.
Logo design for photography app design.

Custom Logo Design

Week Peek knew the tonality of their brand—playful, fun, lighthearted, edgy, and inviting— but needed the visual design language to come to fruition to reflect those characteristics. ArtVersion conducted in-depth research on Week Peek’s demographic and audience to fully immerse themselves in their up-and-coming brand. As their brand targeted younger Gen Z to Millennial age groups, ArtVersion researched the nuances of modern design that would best resonate with the age bracket.

This was achieved with user persona development and analysis, and competitive research. With this in mind, the development for the face of their company was ready to be composed based on their findings. ArtVersion curated a logo design that focused more on typography rather than a graphic motif. The typeface was a thicker, bolder weight in lower-case to highlight a demanding presence, but feel inviting and fun at the same time. The analytical research also helped inform future design directions of the app’s overall UI design system.

Logo design for photography app design.
Visual elements for app design.
Logo design for app development.
Branding design for merch and collateral.
Brand standards color story.
Typography design language.
Antique Olive Std
Typography design language.
Antique Olive Std


Antique Olive Std was the selected typeface because it offered a playful letter-shaped style that replicated the overall fun and youthful tonality that Week Peek was aiming for. Its readability and versatility in weights also made it effective for various text elements, while its unique style added a casual, engaging feel suitable for a younger audience.

Brand guidelines for app development.
Graphic design for app interface.

The Outcome

The result of the UI design concepts poised Week Peek with a design language that aligned with their envisioned tonality and thematic goal. The design concepts were unique and brand-focused, capturing a new, fresh approach to app design. Each user flow was optimized for development implementation, transforming Week Peek's app concept into reality.