Internet Hall of Fame

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Project Disciplines

Research strategy
UI/UX design
Web design
Graphic design

Celebrating the Minds Behind the Internet

The Internet Hall of Fame, run by the non-profit Internet Society, biennially honors those who have significantly contributed to making the Internet safer and more accessible.

UI designs of a tech company on tablet screen displayed diagonally layout.

ArtVersion was once again entrusted to be Internet Society’s creative partner for UI/UX design and website development. The refresh took on a modern, intuitive approach.

A Modernized Digital Presence for the Greater Good

The Internet Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony honors engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, and other innovators who have developed networks to make the Internet secure and accessible to everyone.

The organization aimed to revamp its UI/UX design to blend the ceremony's heritage with a distinctive aesthetic, while still adhering to the Internet Society's brand guidelines. The redesigned website featured a simplified layout with three core sections: About, Inductees, and News. This structure efficiently conveyed the Internet Hall of Fame's mission and offered an intuitive navigation system for exploring the inductees' achievements over the years through custom filtering options


Intuitive and Visually Engaging Experience

Upon establishing the site's framework, the website took shape through content migration and integration.

There were dedicated pages for inductees that highlighted their stories, accomplishments, and biographies. The UI design, distinctive to the Hall of Fame, showcased optimized, high-quality images, smooth microinteraction elements, subtle hover effects, and graphic design elements inspired by their logo. These features accentuated the themes of ceremony, achievement, and elegance.

In alignment with the Internet Society's commitment to inclusivity, ensuring global access to a free and secure Internet, adhering to accessibility standards was paramount. ArtVersion crafted all design elements to be universally accessible. Additionally, the team prioritized responsive designs in tandem that also captured the website's intricate details and user-friendly navigation.

Responsive Design

Mobile Device
A home page mobile UI screen.
Key dates on UI/UX design mobile screen.
A mobile screen of Advisory Board Members and a headshot of one of its members with a blue overlay.
Internet inductees UI/UX design shown on mobile.
Induction ceremony page displayed on mobile UI.
Capital a in black and lowercase in font Hind and weight regular.
Hind semi-bold typeface letter A.
Capital a in black and lowercase in font Georgia and weight regular.
Capital a in black and lowercase in font Hind and weight italics.


Hind, a sans-serif font, was a great selection for typography, as it offers a modern and clean look with high readability across digital platforms, essential for engaging a diverse audience. Georgia, a serif font, added the right amount of elegance and tradition, with its clear, distinct letterforms. Together, they provide a balanced typography selection that supports accessibility while conveying a message of innovation and trust.

Color Selections

Although many of the colors were a part of Internet Society’s established brand guides, new colors were introduced to modernize the color palette. Gold and navy blue strike a feeling of confidence, prestige, and achievement, and perfectly balance the other. To add a new unique flare, ArtVersion incorporated light blue and teal to add visual interest to the website with fresh pops of color, while also complimenting the existing color selection.   

Dark Navy
Light Blue
Teal Green
People clapping their hands at an award ceremony.

A Future-Proof Outcome

The Internet Hall of Fame website embodies the Internet Society’s mission to honor the innovators and leaders who have shaped the Internet for the better. It highlights their significant contributions and influence, furthering the organization’s goals for the future. Through the new website, the legacy and efforts of these individuals are showcased, promoting the mission’s advancement for years to come.