Continuously inspired to push the boundaries for innovative and creative UI/UX design, ArtVersion Creative Agency was once again awarded for the team’s leading-edge design and development efforts. This year marked the 17th annual w3 Awards, which recognized the team’s collaboration with Internet Society, ranking in a gold award for the 2021 Impact Report in the Cause Awareness category for web design. The design was based on carefully deliberated criteria that had to fulfill creativity, usability, visual design, and more.

Internet Society, a non-profit organization that aims to promote the equal and open development and use of the Internet for everyone around the world, engaged with ArtVersion to develop and design a website that would be utilized to share their 2021 Impact Report. The Impact Report was coalesced together by an innovative UI/UX strategy and dynamic visual elements that clearly communicated the Internet Society’s yearly goals and accomplishments. Not only did the end result of the design clearly structure the content with interactive elements, but also attained a downloadable PDF—allowing for yet another opportunity for users to learn about the non-profit organization’s mission of upholding an accessible Internet.

“We are proud to have worked with Internet Society to help further drive their mission for an accessible Internet for all,” says Erin Lentz, ArtVersion’s Executive Director of Design. “It is an honor to be recognized by The w3 Awards and to have achieved this together as a team. We are especially proud that our work has and continues to emphasize such an important cause.”

The w3 Awards are sanctioned by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA) which thoroughly review categories of websites, videos, podcasts, marketing, mobile apps, social, and more. These prestigious awards celebrate the best interactive agencies and creators around the world and are also the first major web competition for agencies of all calibers. 

This achievement showcases ArtVersion’s commitment to building innovative and user-centric designs that highlight its web design and development capabilities across all industries and organizations.

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About ArtVersion

ArtVersion is an award-winning design consultancy from Chicago with clients around the world. Serving brands since 1999, the ArtVersion team consists of visual designers, branding strategists, and developers. Most known for pioneering user experience design as a discipline, ArtVersion has been a trusted partner for a number of Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and notable startups.

About w3 Awards

The w3 Awards celebrate digital excellence by honoring outstanding websites, marketing, video, mobile sites, apps, social and podcasts created by some of the best interactive agencies, designers, and creators worldwide. The w3 award nominees are carefully judged by a panel of professional experts in the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts.