Internet Society Chapters

A desktop UI screen appears on a monitor display.

A global nonprofit organization that focuses on promoting an open, accessible, and secure Internet for everyone.

A UI screen featuring a Kyoto Chapter.

Project Disciplines

UI/UX design
Graphic design

Custom Chapter Template Designs

ArtVersion worked with the Internet Society to curate webpage templates for each chapter program.

These chapters unite members to organize programs and activities aimed at expanding and strengthening the Internet. Designed for reusability and optimization, the templates allow members to tailor content to their specific goals. With more than 110 active chapters spanning six continents, ArtVersion designed these templates for simplicity and ease of use, ensuring a seamless, effective user experience.

Mobile Designs

Responsive Ready
A mobile UI screen for an Ethiopian chapter.
A mobile UI screen showing various statistics.
A latest news tile for mobile UI/UX screen.
A highlights section of the mobile UI.
People working in a village and content for context.
A mobile UI screen featuring a photo gallery of people native to Africa.

Framework and Design

The templates were designed with a visual hierarchy to support data integration and information, maintaining a style consistent with the Internet Society's design language.

Each template included best practice tips in specific sections, guiding chapter leaders on where to place the most suitable content. To accommodate leaders globally, the Internet Society team provides French and Spanish translations of these tips, ensuring the templates are easily accessible to a worldwide audience.


The conceptual phase in developing the chapter templates involved extensive data-driven research. This was to guarantee that every template would be sufficiently flexible and customizable, catering to the unique mission and needs of each chapter. Additionally, it was essential that each template could function independently while still aligning seamlessly with the Internet Society's broader organizational standards. 

A UI screen for a Belgrade Chapter on a marble counter top.

Interactive User Interface

The templates included a diverse array of components, each designed to enhance the overall functionality and user experience.

These elements ranged from dynamic galleries for showcasing images to structured blog layouts. There were sections dedicated to encouraging user involvement, along with reusable elements that aligned with their distinct design language. The styling of these components was a key aspect, thoughtfully integrated to ensure both visual appeal and practical usability. This careful consideration in design ensured that the templates were effective and resonant.

A desktop UX/UI screen featuring children in the header.
A photo gallery desktop UI screen with grid layout.
A "Get Involved" desktop UI screen.
A desktop web design of a blog landing page.
A "Latest News" section of a desktop UI screen.
A blog web page design with two people holding hands.

User Manual and Best Practices

There were many intricacies behind a website’s backend templates. To simplify this process, ArtVersion crafted a comprehensive user manual for the chapters' teams.

This detailed guide, structured as a step-by-step manual, explained the best practices for integrating information and assets into the template. The manual provided the team with helpful ways to tailor their chapter pages effectively while adhering to industry-standard practices. This resource facilitated a smoother customization process and ensured that each chapter's webpage was optimized for both functionality and user journeys.

Color Palette

The color palette adhered to Internet Society’s brand standards and established design language and incorporated within the templates. They also adhered to the latest ADA compliance and accessibility standards.


ArtVersion strategically selected Hind typography due to its clean, sans-serif design which enhances readability and offers a modern aesthetic. Its range of weights allows for a clear visual hierarchy, important for guiding users through website content efficiently. Also, Hind’s compatibility with multiple languages makes it a versatile option for global audiences.

A "Photo Gallery" UI screen on top of a marble block.

Platform Agnostic

In addition to the foundational research and customization, a key aspect of the Chapter Template development was ensuring their responsiveness across all platforms and devices. This facet of the project focused on the optimization and styling of each template, guaranteeing that they would provide a seamless and uniform experience regardless of the user's location or the device being used.

The Outcome

The Internet Society’s Chapters’ templates allowed for a seamless integration of information for chapter leaders around the world to share their achievements and continuous impact on a better, safer Internet worldwide.

A UX/UI screen for a Belgrade Chapter.
A desktop UX/UI screen for an Ecuador Chapter
A non-profit website web page design featuring Kyoto in the background.
A website web page design featuring Paris in the background.