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Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
Web Design
UI/UX Design

Robust Web Experience for  Nationwide Property Management

STYL Residential, a prominent property and real estate management firm, needed to revitalize its website to provide a modern, inviting appearance and a durable, comprehensive user experience for its extensive property portfolio. The ArtVersion team, already acquainted with the brand through their work on the website for STYL's parent company, Magnolia Capital, designed and developed a web experience for STYL that intersected contemporary aesthetics with a user-friendly, human-centered approach.
A luxury residential properties logo with blue overlay on property home.

Enhanced Design Language System

The design language was designed to stand out on its own while maintaining a cohesive connection with the broader family of subsidiary brands, for a unified ecosystem.

ArtVersion conceptualized and developed a visually rich website, showcasing large, high-quality images that vividly highlight the intricate details of each property. Through the use of glassmorphism design techniques, utilizing HTML and CSS, the website achieved a timeless elegance that captivated users’ attention and enhanced readability. The layout was further organized to prioritize fundamental information and establish a visual hierarchy, accelerating a smooth and intuitive user journey for prospective property owners to locate their desired information swiftly and effortlessly. Additionally, an oval, pill-shaped motif was used as a recurring graphic element for navigation and microinteractions introducing a distinct and engaging design language that permeated the entire website.

Careers web page displayed on a laptop screen.
A luxury residential real estate properties company website displaying sustainability page on laptop.
Culture web page of a real estate company shown on a laptop screen.

Robust Backend Development

ArtVersion developed the website on a content management system, WordPress, rich with data integration and optimization capabilities.

Due to the complexity of integrating extensive data and information, the development team designed a backend architecture equipped with the necessary API integrations and taxonomies, detailing each property’s specifics. This methodical categorization and use of taxonomies were instrumental in presenting property locations and their respective amenities clearly and concisely. Since the website was integrated with a plethora of properties, the team also incorporated a filtration system to allow users to find the properties quickly that best meet their needs. Alongside the in-depth data integration, the team also coordinated each image gallery for each property to ensure each image correlated with the showcased property. For added visual interest, the team also incorporated custom coding for animations and movement throughout the website.

Web wireframes of a real estate company specializing in luxury residential properties.
Web designs of a real estate company specializing in luxury residential properties.

Developed for All Devices

In developing STYL's website, a key focus was ensuring responsive design across various resolutions, providing an optimal viewing experience.

 This goal was achieved through the use of fluid grid layouts and CSS media queries, allowing the website's content to automatically adjust to the screen size and orientation of the viewer's device. The design was optimized for smaller screens initially, ensuring that the site's features and content were accessible on mobile devices. Simultaneously, enhancements were added progressively for larger screens, ensuring that the website maintained its visual appeal and functionality across a wide range of devices.

Customer satisfaction web page displayed on mobile device.
Careers web page of a real estate company displayed on mobile device.
Energy savings data numbers displayed on a tablet device.
Blue round icons displayed on a mobile screen.
Mobile device showing portfolio web search of a real estate website.

Color Selections

To align with the entirety of STYL’s brand ecosystem, ArtVersion aligned with their established color palette to reinforce brand recognizability. The team purposefully utilized these brand colors in specific areas throughout the website to captivate visual interest and guide user navigation effectively. ArtVersion also took careful measures to ensure that every color used on the website adhered to ADA standards and accessibility guidelines, prioritizing inclusivity and usability for all visitors for  a seamless and accessible user experience

Brand color palette selections for real estate company.
Montserrat font in various weights.


The choice of Montserrat as the primary typography for the website was rooted in its readability and versatility. Beyond these practical attributes, Montserrat's modern and sleek aesthetics played a pivotal role in its selection. This typeface possesses a range of formatting styles, allowing for an elevated visual presentation that complements the site's design ethos without overshadowing the properties or the overarching design theme. The use of Montserrat contributed to a cohesive and sophisticated user interface.

Real Estate city banners in blue shades of color.

The Outcome

STYL Residential was geared with a web presence that placed them at the forefront of their industry.

The web presence achieved a sense of modernity and unity with STYL’s other associated companies and meaningfully elevated the professional brand image in the eyes of users, fostering trust. The company’s new digital environment also communicated the professionalism and reliability of STYL, encouraging positive user engagement and reinforcing the company’s reputation as a trustworthy leader in the property management industry.

Interior living room property with logo mark and green overlay.