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When Is It the Right Time to Redesign?

When you created your website, it probably met your needs, and you probably didn’t think that you’d need to come back to it again. But the reality is that every business grows and needs to update its web design to keep up with the changes. So when is the right time to redesign? What should you focus on changing? A significant part of maintaining an online presence involves undertaking website redesigns. Similarly, if a company’s marketing strategy has evolved, the website structure may need to adjust to accommodate new types of content or different content delivery methods.

Web Redesign for Branding Consistency

You should not only redesign your website just to improve the overall look or make it more modern, but there are some more crucial factors that you should pay attention to. The best time to redesign is when you are employing strategies that call for necessary changes or when you are repositioning your company’s brand. For instance, if your company has ignored branding and want to take the necessary steps to create a unique identity in the marketplace, a redesign would be ideal. It would help the website stay congruent with the new brand.

Web Redesign for SEO Purpose

Another great time to redesign is when you are planning to invest in SEO. Most websites are unfortunately not optimized for the search engines. Even if the exterior of the site looks fine, you have to remind yourself that search engines read code. Some of the necessary changes that will probably need to be made are loading time optimization, on-page SEO optimization and site structure.

Site Redesign for Web Usability

Designs will also change naturally if you are building a campaign to improve usability, user experience or increase conversions. This is a process where changes are made in response to analytics data rather than being preplanned. That means that a designer will have to work side by side with the team that is responsible for improving the site’s performance.

Site Redesign for Accessibility and experience

Finally, you should redesign if you are trying to make your site mobile friendly. A large number of users are now using mobile devices such as phones, tablets and eReaders to browse the Internet. Many websites are reporting that their mobile visitors are responsible for 10% to 30% of their total traffic. One of the best choices for redesigning is responsive web design. This is a type of design where one site automatically gets formatted and optimized to the device being used.

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Unless your website is poorly structured, outdated or is unorganized, you probably don’t have to redesign, we may be able to help you implement some User Interface improvements and User Experience best practices. The best time to make changes to your whole website is when you are employing a new branding strategy or planning to invest in a marketing strategy such as SEO, conversion/UX or mobile optimization. You’ll be investing your budget into something that actually affects the success of your strategy.

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Revamping a website with an innovative marketing strategy in mind can result in a more effective and organized presentation of information. As one of the pioneering web design companies based in Chicago, we were among the first to offer Responsive Web Design and Development services. Our unique attribute lies in providing all-inclusive in-house production for Responsive Web Design websites. Implementing RWD eradicates the need for separate mobile web design, thereby streamlining maintenance and updates, saving both time and resources.

Working with a Web Design Company

ArtVersion is a renowned web design agency that excels in providing innovative and user-centric web solutions. As pioneers in the field of Responsive Web Design (RWD), ArtVersion team ensures your website is fully accessible and operational across a diverse range of devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This holistic approach to design stems from our team’s belief in the uniqueness of each brand, which drives them to create customized web design solutions tailored to echo your brand’s personality and cater to your specific needs. What sets us apart is our end-to-end design and development in-house production capability that guarantees seamless communication, a shared vision, and consistent quality throughout the redesign process.

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Content Management Systems

We do not believe in vendor lock-in and we will not recommend long-term commitments when it comes to web design or site maintenance. We are platform agnostic and customer-centric. Over the last two decades, we helped many companies and organizations move away from propitiatory platforms, putting control of the company’s website in their hands. That being said, we specialize in the open-source platforms, along with the line of WordPress for enterprise, Drupal, to complex Magento and Woocommerce. Customizing back-end functionalists to meet the expectation of the end-user, your business goals, and daily operations of your team.

We design and build websites with the user in mind

We are very meticulous and passionate when it comes to website design and development. Our team will take the time to learn and understand your business goals and will present that information to the end users in the best possible form. By prioritizing user experience, we strive to craft intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that not only retain visitors but also convert them into customers. ArtVersion team is also  well-versed in the latest SEO practices, enabling us to enhance your site’s visibility and attract more visitors by ranking higher on search engine results pages. Our expertise in RWD also streamlines the maintenance and update processes, saving valuable time and resources for your team. Focusing on site performance optimization, ArtVersion ensures your website runs smoothly and fast, fostering increased visitor engagement. By opting for ArtVersion to redesign your website, you are not only revamping its aesthetics, but you are also making a strategic investment in enhancing your online presence and future success.

Accessibility and Usability

Incorporating accessibility and usability factors is an essential component of website redesign. Ensuring adherence to web accessibility standards allows the redesigned website to be accessible to a broad spectrum of users, including those with disabilities, thus embracing inclusivity. Moreover, emphasizing usability in a redesign strategy promotes a seamless user experience. This involves designing intuitive navigation, making sure content is easily comprehensible, optimizing page load speeds, and ensuring that the website functions flawlessly across various devices and browsers. These elements, when combined with other proven methods, create a comprehensive and effective strategy for a successful website redesign, which not only enhances user engagement but also improves the overall user experience.

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Proven Methods in Web Design

Website redesign is a critical process that, when executed with proven methodologies, can significantly enhance the user experience, drive engagement, and improve conversion rates. Firstly, user research is paramount – understanding the needs, behaviors, and pain points of your target audience ensures that the redesign caters to their specific requirements. Secondly, the application of responsive web design guarantees that the website is optimized for viewing on any device, which is essential in today’s multi-device world. The minimalist web design may not be a good fit for every company, but it works with many types of websites.

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Combine Data with Web Redesign Methods

This data-driven approach helps us in identifying successful elements that should be retained and areas that need improvement. A/B testing is a further proven technique. By creating two versions of the same page and testing them with real users, designers can gain valuable insights into what works best in terms of design, content, and functionality. Moreover, SEO optimization ensures that your redesigned website ranks higher in search engine results, increasing its visibility and traffic.

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