With the high standards of today’s marketing, a custom PowerPoint template or a custom Keynote template is as essential for a proper presentation as business cards or social media are to everyday marketing. Some presentations are so important that a single blunder can mean the difference between corporate disaster and corporate success. Yet, for some unknown reason, many companies fail to consider the importance of maintaining a consistent design throughout the graphic design elements of a corporate image. It really doesn’t matter if you are a Fortune 500 company or a small business; your audience expects professionalism in all your marketing efforts.
While some may look at a custom PowerPoint template as an unnecessary expense, it really should be moved into the column with necessary investments. A professionally designed template can incorporate those graphic design elements of your image in such a way as to look fresh in your presentation while still adhering to the same basic design guidelines. This gives your company’s marketing a consistent and professional look which helps build credibility with your current and prospective clients. This is certainly also true of a custom Keynote template if that is your preferred presentation software.

While some companies may favor having their graphic design department prepare a template, it is important to remember that the graphic designers are not necessarily marketing people. Marketing is about taking the elements that the designer has created and utilizing all of them or parts of them to actually help sell products or ideas. It is for this reason that so many companies have slightly different versions of corporate logos and signage for different purposes. These subtle changes in design are incorporated by marketing professionals to accomplish certain goals. Therefore, it is important to consider having a company that specializes in custom templates make the design based on the individual goals of the company and the specific presentation.

These custom templates represent an investment as they can be utilized for a wide array of projects and presentations once they are created. While different presentations may require slightly different versions, they will still typically draw from the same elements of design. This ensures the maximum amount of consistency with a minimal amount of expense in your custom PowerPoint template or custom Keynote template.