The thing that makes one company stand out against a sea of others in similar markets is visual branding. Companies often spend tons of money-making their brands clear on their websites, but they sometimes overlook other important aspects of consistency of images with their print design.

Many people still find services and products through brochures. They may be waiting in line at a convenience store, sitting on a bus, riding on a train or requesting additional company information they can read while away from the Internet. When a company ignores branding on a brochure design, it can create a disconnect in a potential customer.

Catalogs are also still used today. Customers may be perfectly happy shopping online, but they sometimes like to receive a print catalog with new items instead of receiving them via email. Again, customers are not always interested in looking at a business’ wares on the Internet.

An effective catalog or brochure design will incorporate a clear and creative description of the product, eye-catching images, and product specifications and price. The overall graphic design will also properly reflect a company’s brand.

Good graphic design and layout esthetics draws customers in and it is seamless across all marketing materials. Excellent graphic design showcases a brand in such a consistent light that customers are reminded of it when looking at unrelated materials. In order to ensure a brand is properly harmonized, cohesive and consistent with catalog design and brochure design, a company needs to make sure that its graphic designers are well versed in visual branding.