Let’s be clear, creating a twitter, facebook or any other social media network, just to say your company has one isn’t what we’re talking about.
Social media is an extension of what a great business does well already: listening, engaging, customer service, and building lasting relationships with clients and customers.
Over the years these principles have never changed, just the tools we use to actively practice these essential business practices have changed.

Originally it was a handshake & a warm smile… now with a retweet or a like, you are effectively doing the same thing… but now with the ability to keep constant communication,
and share your news and ideas, with many more customers than ever before.

In the past, when a consumer or client left your place of business there weren’t many ways to keep in touch with them, much less effectively market to them on an emotional
and personal level.

Now with the help of social media platforms, businesses can continue to evolve relationships with customers on a daily basis.
In this tight economy there is no reason your company should be spending a majority of your marketing budget on one way marketing tactics such as print, newspaper ads, coupon mailers, brochures & others without balancing it when digital marketing. We recommend using your print marketing to start a conversation with your consumers that directs and continues the conversation online via your social media platforms.

For the cost of your time, with thoughtful commentary about your brand and business…
and some follow up… you can organically grow, update & control your own marketing eco-systems using social media in real time.
We understand that for many of you social media may be as foreign to you as a new language. That’s why it’s important to find an experienced agency with the ability to mentor, educate, develop a strategy and effectively maintain your digital platforms.

The team at ArtVersion recommends your company isn’t late to the party…
begin your social media education and initiatives now!