A single truth for businesses everywhere, whether it’s realized or not: is that every company is a brand and every business owner is a marketer. Many consider themselves as simply salespeople representing a product or service, which is why – all too often – branding can be overlooked. Consciously or not, businesses are making branding decisions every day and it’s critically important to make these decisions with the overall company goals in mind.

One Design, Multiple Goals

In order to align with business goals, creative assets need to be developed around the overarching strategy that surrounds the needs of the company. Marketing goals should be determined, for both short and long-term achievements. Upon engaging in a design initiative, these goals should be explored in the initial stages of a project to ensure the right delivery methods.

Market Analysis

Whether it’s web design, logo, overall brand image or print collateral – it is important to consider a design that currently exists in the market. Considerations should be made for both competitions within the industry and beyond. Competitive analysis in the market space can help thoughtfully consider elements that are appealing and those that a brand may want to steer clear of.

Strategic Fit

A brand’s design determines behavior – to both internal and external users. If there is a misalignment in the aesthetic components, it can affect the bottom line of a business and even day to day of individuals who represent the brand. Because every company has a unique value proposition, the right design for a company is completely individual to their needs. The brand design not only drives consumer behavior but can promote accountability, productivity and positive culture within a company.

Without a consistent design strategy and resulting implementation, a brand cannot achieve the right conversions. A company with a strong link between its goals and design can more easily reach their target demographics and deliver more cohesive messaging. Further collaboration with a design team can help align these essential components to determine the brand direction to take.