Selection Process

Engaging a creative agency and finding the right design consultency.

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Selection Process

The decision between collaborating with a small enterprise design agency, or one on a larger scale, are two different paths to embark on. There’s often the assumption that the two are very similar and may lead many to believe a small-scale agency will result in lower costs. Yet, as diverse as every project is, so are the agencies you decide to collaborate with, and selecting the ultimate team depends truly on your vision. Here are some key differences between small and large design agencies to help you make the right decision for your company’s creative longevity.

The advantages of an agency

A creative agency coordinates within their internal team on how to tackle your project with efficiency. A benefit to collaborating with a creative agency is the diversity of strategists that can specialize in each task within their respective roles. At ArtVersion, our team collectively innovates together, while individually attaining key insights into different areas, such as graphics, visual branding, and user experience. Coalescing a project together with each specialist often results in a faster, and more effective result.

Branding and marketing efforts that are collaborative, typically result in a more successful outcome compared to projects handled by a single person.

Utilizing the Tool of Trusted Expertise to Complete a Project

All aspects of a project should be handled with equal importance. A digital product can be designed with visually appealing details and a striking layout, but oftentimes, the finer, behind-the-scenes details can be overlooked when working with a freelancer, or an agency that neglects those aspects. Collaborating with a design firm means there will be careful attention to SEO compatibility, user experience, usability, site architecture, accessibility, and more, and embedding those aspects into the design. With a user-centric perspective and best practices, a design agency can approach a project with a deeper understanding of each overarching principle and detail for optimal performance that is backed by user testing and expertise.

Picking the Path: Large vs Small Agencies

Businesses and brands are often under the misconception that working with a large agency guarantees high-quality work. In retrospect, many large agencies outsource their work to smaller agencies due to the high volume of work they receive.

Opposite to a large creative agency, where everything needs to pass by bureaucracy lineup, ArtVersion is able to work much more effectively for a client’s bottom line, have close control over the brand cohesiveness, stay open-minded during the development process, and inspire creativity—all while fusing creativity and enjoyment.

Staying on a Budget & Getting Results

Design agencies like ArtVersion prioritize alleviating a complicated process with structure, ease, and leadership. By going with a design agency, you can rest assured that a project manager will be on board to ensure every aspect of your project is making progress, and that a creative director will align all parts of your visual branding with consistency. You can rely on an agency’s team to internally communicate with each other, while keeping you in the loop, to complete a project quickly, and smoothly. The best part is that you only pay for the quote rather than paying multiple service providers that many clients often face when collaborating with larger or free-lance designers. This is economical because it reduces revision fees and increases your speed to market. With the right team, bringing your vision to life doesn’t have to be complicated!

It Takes a Whole Team to Create an Award-Winning Brand

Your Aesthetic, Innovatively Reimagined

We align and elevate your vision and aesthetic with interactive websites and digital products that represent your company, brand, culture, and philosophy.

Purposeful Design

It’s all about purposeful use of imagery, infographics, icons, and more that communicate ideas to propel your branding, and drive conversions.

We are a creative agency, we help brands become more visible!

Every day, innovators are bringing their unique brands to the market, and with the right creative agency, we can help your brand identity build recognizability.