A minimalist web design is not for every company or every industry, but when it fits in with the goals of a website, it can have many benefits.

Minimalism has been popular for years and is starting to gain recognition not just in design, but in the way people are choosing to live their lives. It seems the 21st century is one where people prefer purging to hoarding, and clean spaces and design are a welcome refuge from the busyness and unpredictability of everyday life.

A minimalist website has so many benefits, including: faster load time, fewer server resources, and they don’t take as long to design. Additionally, they don’t overwhelm visitors, and are easier to navigate.

There are those who prefer the drama of color may find the minimalist design boring. It often depends on the topic of the website.

For example, a sports website that portrays an activity with much action and movement such as basketball or football would not want to employ a minimalist design. However, a sport that requires grace and concentration, such as ice-skating or gymnastics might do very well with a minimalist design.

It’s not always easy to master the less is more approach to web design. Many people feel in order to capture the attention of visitors you need to strike them over the head with color and graphics.

There is no right or wrong to minimalist versus busy design. While it is very popular right now, in a year it may not be. Which leads us to always council website owners to pick what design fits best with their message.

Do you like the minimalist movement? Is it something you’d consider implementing on your site? Have you already? We’d love to hear.