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Why Is Your Website One of the Foundational Parts of Your Branding Efforts?

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Discovering Goals

If branding is one of the biggest goals of your company, then it’s important that you make sure your website leaves a lasting impact. Branding is done through many mediums from TV commercials, Internet ads, radio, print ads and newspapers. However, many companies either don’t put enough branding effort into their websites or simply do it wrong.

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Why is your website so important to your branding efforts?

The first obvious reason is that almost everyone uses the Internet. If you’ve established your brand in other mediums, consumers will go online to find your website and learn more about what you have to offer. The fact that it’s a dependable and convenient resource is the reason why websites receive a lot of traffic and exposure.

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Design Process

Web Design

Unlike brochures, catalogs, trade show appearances and in-store interactions, consumers can interact with your website according to their needs. With a few clicks, they can learn about your company, compare prices, browse different products, and more. At the same time, the Internet also allows consumers to compare your company’s products or services to competitors who are only a few clicks away.

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Custom Web Design

We design and build platforms that allow companies to articulate their corporate culture and embrace user engagement.

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Responsive Design

Brand Story and Development

That’s why your website is so important to your branding efforts. Your brand will need to connect with consumers and differentiate itself from the rest of the competition. Consumers also have the habit of searching for your company online after they’ve encountered your ad in another offline medium. For this reason, you want to present your brand on your website properly so that it cohesively transitions from what consumers pick up offline.

Eye Tracking User Testing

More then just logo and a color scheme

Many enterprises have the misunderstanding that branding within a website is about prominently placing the logo, mascots or brand message throughout the website. However, branding with a website is all about creating a unique, engaging, and positive experience. It’s about integrating brand elements into the web design, using brand-related visuals to tell a story, and providing a great user experience that’s unique to the brand.

Experiential Web Design

This type of web design is being embraced by many companies because it gets consumers to relate to the brand while also providing an experience that leads to sales, referrals, press, and website revisits. It departs from the traditional cold branding angles that companies use to push their agenda down the visitor’s throat. The design is set up to invite consumers into the experience.

User Interface Design
Responsive Web Design

The website is foundational to your branding initiatives.

What kind of web design works best to maximize branding efforts will differ from company to company. However, companies are reporting that engaging design around their brand is outperforming the traditional presentations for multiple traffic and conversion metrics. So if your goal is to create a powerful online presence in your market, make sure that the first goal is to revamp your website design.

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