When Less is More: Minimalist Web Design

A minimal designers desk with a display turned off.

Information has become prevalent and even numbing – so it’s vital to deliver on-point messaging through knock out design. The best way to get a foot in the proverbial door is thorough visual presentation.

Messaging that is straightforward, paired with simple design can prove to be more valuable than those filled with unnecessary intricacies. The user will will respond to minimalist approach intuitively absorbing the visual, and becoming immersed in what truly matters: the information.

Engaging graphics and confident, coordinated colors that embody the company vision without needless clutter. Catch and hold the eye with a clear, unique company message. Appeal to the human need for easily found content, appealing to visual memory and engagement.

How to make yourself unforgettable in this dynamic and busy market? Ramp up your visual presentation while keeping it clean, crisp and clear. Develop a quick, catchy message that draws the eye and holds it. Consistency draws to the visual center of the brain and positively adds to the user experience.

[Draw the eye…now, hold it.]

Minimalism is actually scientifically appealing – visual memory describes the relationship between perceptual processing and encoding (storage and retrieval of resulting neural representations). What does that mean? The more stark and obvious the image, the greater the chance of a viewer remembering it and associating emotions with it.

There’s a reason why simple visual design is top-rated across the board. Creating a high level of fluency allows visitors to feel comfortable immediately and with little mental effort spent on scrutinizing the web design.