By Forbes Contributing Author; Goran Paun – Founder, Art Version Company

Creating an impactful design can be subjective. Personal preference may lead one person to favor a particular design technique, while another person may prefer a completely different approach. And while there will always be variances in personal preference, new trends frequently emerge in the world of art and design. Often, these trends come as a reaction to or even rejection of previous trends.

Creating an impactful design can be subjective

Even in a crowded and competitive market, I’ve noticed that designers who strive to stand out often go with a more simplistic approach in an effort to connect with the user. The same is true in web design. The current trend, resulting from increasing complexity in web design, is to take a minimalist approach to create more meaningful engagement. Across all platforms and industries, designers leverage minimalism as a way to streamline their designs and focus the user’s attention on what is most important.

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