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Event Design and Branding

The integration of both digital, print and social platforms is now critical to event marketing success.

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Tradeshow Design

A Total Brand Experience

The integration of both digital, print and social platforms is now critical to event marketing success. Through strategy, creative branding, web design and innovative design solutions, ArtVersion engages the audience with a crafted experience that will inspire, make conversions and support the brand.

From Concept to Delivery

Strategic Event Marketing

The elements of an unforgettable event, campaign, conference, retail or trade show begins with discovery, strategy, and design. Our insights turn into a creative production process that results in the experiential expression of the brand – consistently presented across platforms from print to web.

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Event Design

Where Brand and Audience Meet

Beyond the single transaction and conversion is a sustainable relationship created by the face-to-face brand experience. The team at Artversion collaboratively discovers and builds that resonance across all media deliverables. The result is an impactful and memorable environment that immerses the audience in the brand’s unique perspective and produces measurable results.

Interactive Event Maps

We concept and design event experiences and collateral that enables companies to articulate their culture and embrace authentic customer interaction. By transforming analytics and digital insights into tangible experiences, we deliver brand immersion and create brand advocacy.

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Tradeshow Map Interactive Design

Trade Show Graphics

Proper trade show booth design is essential for making the most out of your trade show exhibition. Every aspect of design matters from the layout and colors to form and factor. For example, graphical elements placed correctly can serve as a strong complement to your product line. The layout can make a booth stand out and reflect your company culture and innovative style.

Event Design Tradeshow Branding
Event Design Tradeshow Branding

Booth Design

We can design any or all graphics for your trade show exhibition. Our experience allows us to instantly recognize the important factors needed for the type of trade show and the audience you are presenting to. Throughout the years we helped many customers from home and car cleaning products, educational institutions, to software development companies with their trade show graphic needs.

Event Collateral

Visual communications that accompany any event, whether print or digital, are a necessary and critical component of creating a comprehensive campaign. ArtVersion offers a full range of services from brochures, invitations, presentation folders, badges, signage, catalogs, advertising and website design.

Event Design Tradeshow Branding
Event Design Tradeshow Branding

Markets are Conversations

Trade shows, conferences, event marketing and platforms – with cross channel innovations like social media and online communities – create a comprehensive experience before, during, and long after the actual event. It’s critical to leave your mark with lasting visual communications and messaging.


Our Capabilities

  • Creative direction
  • Event blueprint strategy
  • Display advertising
  • Event web design
  • Email campaign design
  • Social media
  • Creative assets
  • Invitations
  • Event programs
  • Event and trade magazine inserts
  • Branded badges
  • Signage and Wayfinders
  • Trade show booth
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