Tradeshow Checklist: The Secret to Making a Big Impact

Getting an exhibition at a trade show is a big investment. That’s why you want to make sure that you prepare everything before the day of the event. Even if you think you have everything ready, there are probably many things that you weren’t aware of. To help you make the most out of your attendance, here is a comprehensive checklist that you can follow. Download this tradeshow checklist.

Print Business Cards

Even if people are impressed with your exhibit, they won’t remember you unless you give them something to remember you by. And the perfect way to do that is of course to use business cards. Make sure your business card is very specific and reminds people of your exhibit as they’ll probably go home with a ton of business cards.

Double-Check Your Exhibit Design

Your setup is one of the most important things in the trade show. That’s why you want to make sure that every detail about your exhibit is correct. Get the scheduling down to the tee, make sure logistics are taken care of, and see if the design is in line with what you wanted.

Get Professionally Designed Marketing Literature

Whether you’re using flyers, brochures or catalogs, you need to double-check to make sure everything is professional. See if the final design is to your liking, look for any spelling/grammar errors, and ensure that it does a good job educating and selling your products or services.

Create a Media/Press Webpage

For your trade show create a page about your trade show exhibit and post updates on that page so that followers can stay on track with what you’re doing. You can also include product shots, videos, and a copy of your press release to provide a general overview of what your company is about.

Design a Good Presentation Deck

If you’re planning to use slides, make sure that you go create a great presentation. Create a slide that flows well, is easy to understand, and makes an impact. Go through the slides a couple of times to ensure there aren’t any errors.

Send Out Timely Announcements

You want to use as many channels as possible to send out word about your trade show attendance. Post the announcement in your social media accounts, blogs, and email. Many companies have also used postcards with a great deal of success so that maybe something you want to try. Make sure the announcements are announced multiple times preferably a few weeks before the event and a couple of days before the event.

Create a System to Follow Up

You don’t want to ask yourself “how can I follow up with my leads?” after the event. You want to prepare a system before the event. Come up with a few ideas on how you can collect leads and follow up with them. One good idea is to sign up people in your exhibit using a tablet PC in return for some kind of physical gift. You can set up your system to send a follow-up message a day after the event or even set up an email sequence to get people to act.

Synchronized Dress Code

Make sure your staff has proper uniforms or a dress code. Give your staff a uniform that properly represents your company. This will make them appear professional while also distinguishing them from other staff at the trade show.

Train Your Staff

Train your staff months in advance before the event. Make sure they understand the products and services you’re selling on a deep level. Educate them on the kinds of prospects they can expect to talk to. Give them a script for engagement, education and selling. Do not assume they’ll know what to say when they’re at the event.

Prepare a Repair and Cleanup Box

There are a large number of things that can go wrong in the trade show, so you want to prepare for the worst-case scenario. Prepare a box with duct tape, extra light bulbs, stitching, screws, extra cutouts, and anything that may serve as a backup for your exhibit.

Develop a Marketing Strategy for the Event

Think about using a marketing strategy for the event. Consider hiring people to walk around the venue and spread the word about your exhibit. Run contests to bring back people into your exhibit after they have left. By being creative and resourceful, you’ll be able to bring traffic into your booth.

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