14 – Packaging Design Your Last Line of Defense!


Welcome brand builders this is Rediscover Your Brand™ podcast episode #14 brought to you by ArtVersion interactive.  I’m your host Kip Russell.  I’m a social media manager for multiple brands as well as marketing enthusiast and I’ve even written a TV theme song.

This week on Rediscover Your Brand™ podcast we are talking about the importance of packaging design.

Recently at ArtVersion, we’ve been asked to create custom packaging design for multiple clients and for various different reasons. This gave me the idea to talk to you guys this week about the importance of packaging design to your overall brand identity.

We all know that great packaging design plays a crucial part in the path to purchase with everyday consumers. I can tell you numerous times that I buy a brand by how it stands out or what its packaging represents. I must admit I often shop at Aldi’s because my fiancé and I are saving to pay for our own wedding. Coming from a spoiled upbringing of Chicago’s north shore I hate to not buy from larger brands. But Aldi recently started carrying a brand called “Fit Active” being a healthy guy this packaging stuck out to me right away. Now 75% of what I buy there are fit active products.

The packaging is great white, sleek with a light grass green running man ESC logo it immediately made me feel like this was a well taken care of product. I would honestly buy this brand if it was sitting next to kraft or hostess and I hope it really takes off because they make quality healthy foods. Initially, it was the branding and the packaging design of their products that stuck out to me. Once I saw it I was intrigued and they had a company description on their packaging that detailed their health mission and BOOM I was hooked. I had never heard of this brand before I saw their packaging and now they are my top choice in the grocery store.

I’m sure you can think of tons of examples of strong packaging design that caught your eye and introduced you to a new product or brand you had never heard before. Packaging design is unique for products you know as well.

In recent years PepsiCo products re-introducing that they are using “natural sugar” in their drinks again such as mountain dew and Pepsi. I remember walking through a jewel with my neighbor Matt and we saw throwback cans reflecting designs from the 70s and ’80s and Matt and immediately became excited by the nostalgia as well as that it was made from natural ingredients, not the stuff mountain has gained attention for that can disintegrate mice into bones lol.

Many companies put a tremendous amount of effort into creating products, services, or material they put into the market or send to potential clients and forget that as much time and effort you put into making your product the best the same amount of effort should be put into packaging your product so that it stands out from your competition.

Even with all the amount of money kraft and large brands put into marketing, even social media and online promo, their last line of defense is how their product stands out on the retail aisle. Like I said earlier I would now buy from this little-known company fit active over most brands because of their packaging design and many of your potential clients will think the same way.

Let’s talk about how do you make an unforgettable or a design that stands out from your competition. First, know your audience who are you trying to reach and when you reach them what message do you want to deliver.

People are more inundated with marketing than ever. They are getting it on their phones, on social media, and so on. So with all that bombardment may be the best thing to do is just be transparent or I saw new cough medicine packaging at Walgreens the other day that looked like iPhone app display buttons on your computer. The packaging was a cube, outlined in one simple color filled in solid white nothing else but text that listed your symptoms “Sore throat” in abnormally large letters. And then on the back, there were extra details. It was smart, cutting edge, relevant, and super simple.

Whatever your choices are I hope you understand how important packaging design is to your overall branding.  It’s important in all areas of your business to keep this in mind.

Another type of packaging design that many people neglect is Prototype package design.

Recently, we’ve been asked by a few of our clients to create custom Prototype Packaging for a new idem they are testing. Again this is another area to consider when you’re in the developmental stages of a product. Whether you’re a business looking for funding, selling a new product to retailers, or simply testing new products it’s important to make an unforgettable first impression.  You never know what’s going to give your company the victory so make sure you consider this option when creating a new product. It’s always important to look the part and have your packaging design aka your last line of defense be your strongest area of your brand.

If you’re interested in reaching out to our company to develop consult or simply discuss packaging design please contact us.

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