Welcome brand builders this is Rediscover Your Brand™ podcast episode #16 brought to you by ArtVersion Interactive Agency.  I’m your host Kip Russell.  I’m a social media manager for multiple brands as well as marketing enthusiast and I’ve even written a TV theme song.

This week on Rediscover Your Brand™ podcast we are talking about the importance of setting up your corporate blog.

Many of you have heard that blogging is a great way to market your businesses online and guess what your right. In this podcast, I will give you in depths look at how and why blogging may be your business’s best friend.

The data, Businesses that blog see:

55% more visitors to their website.

97% more links to their website which is a primary factor in where your website shows up in search results. (Want a higher ranking; get quality links to your site).

434% more indexed pages – this is the number of pages that show up in search engines. Just because you have a site doesn’t guarantee it is being indexed (findable). Just because some of your pages are in search engines doesn’t mean all of your pages are.

These stats alone should be enough to get you to start blogging but if not let’s get into more detail and information.

A blog can be used in many different ways for your company. It can be a way to introduce new products into the market place, it can be a commentary on news related to your industry, it can informational, it can be a place to display research and post your latest press releases. A blog is an amazing tool that has a tremendous amount of flexibility. For some companies, their entire business is structured around their blog because it brings their content enough web traffic they can generate revenue from many different streams based on that high traffic.

In general, the best way to use a blog is to have it as part of our website or even build your website on blog based back-ends such as WordPress or Drupal. They are easy to update and you can still build amazing looking websites if you know what you’re doing. I suggest working with an expert to build your blog/site so that everything functions correctly from the beginning. It’s also important that your site works correctly and that you have instructions on how to post content.

Another blog hosting site Tumblr is doing some amazing things for websites and followers. Not only can you design great sites but your clients can also follow your blog much like on Facebook or Twitter.

In terms of design, WordPress is still the leader for creating websites/blogs.

So now that you’ve developed your blog or link your blog to your website you now need to start posting content. It’s important that you create original content on your blog. If you simply copy and paste from other mainstream blogs Google will penalize you and push you further down in the SEO rankings. You can however site small parts of other blogs or better yet re-write the story or content in your own voice.  For most people blogging you are creating your own content in your own niche.

At ArtVesion I do the blogging and my job is to blog about rediscovering your brand which means all things related to your branding from creating websites & graphics to social media and SEO. We do this because our cliental cares about these things and when they are searching these keywords our site has a better chance of being found in a google search. If you’re a pop culture blog it’s important to stick to that niche if started blogging about sports or beer most of the core demographic would lose interest.

For a smaller biz, you are fighting a very tough fight to get more visits and hits on your website. The more original content you put out the higher your website search engine ranking will be. This is what I call organic SEO you can do things such as buy google ads and sign up for google places that helps but what’s even more powerful is to create relevant searched content based around your niche, location keywords in your area of expertise.

Blogging can be overwhelming and sometimes frustrating for some small biz or even corporations. They often find themselves stumbling over what kind of content to produce what to say or what their corporate voice should be. What I say is that even one blog a month helps create new SEO that you can then re-share on your social media sites. A good way to get inspired is to search your local new paper and find articles relative to your field and give commentary. You can use an update of what’s going on currently with your business or even what your plans for the future. If blogging becomes time-consuming for your team you can always reach out to a creative agency such as ArtVersion or higher a creative person to blog on their time. The opportunities are endless and the rewards will be a new business.

If you need help setting up your business or corporate blogs please contact us at ArtVersion.

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Next time on the REDISCOVER YOUR BRAND podcast EPISODE #17, we’ll be discussing the low cost of creating a new brand or business.  That’s next time, until then, Thank you for listening – I’m Kip Russell helping you REDISCOVER YOUR BRAND.