Welcome to the Rediscover Your Brand™ podcast! I’m your host Mike McCormick. Last week we took the path of photography and grasped a good amount of elements to help your organization advance into the photography world. This we are going to set our focus on content strategies. This is one of the most important topics we are going to cover and will include an overview of previous topics. I am pretty much going to go over what content strategy is and then go on to a how and why while relating content strategies back to previous topics throughout today’s show.

Let’s start out by talking about what content strategy is. First content is all the material that you make public, pretty much can be anything from articles, pictures, products, rants, raves, pretty much anything that you desire and you want to be known to the public is content. Now the strategy behind your content is really important, as much as you may want to make something public your target audience may not want to know that information, it may be unappealing as well as provide a lack of importance. The idea of content strategy comes from knowing your target audience and what content they want to see, hear, and even feel from your organization. Creating content that you believe in and is relevant to your audience is the best way to start your strategic planning.

When wondering why we need to push different strategies comes down to the simple answer of how you want your brand to be viewed. Our image and our brand are what make our organizations stay alive, they giving meaning and life to outsiders. Knowing how you want your brand to be viewed is the whole purpose behind content strategy. Our target audiences want to see specific things from our organizations but they do not know exactly what those things are yet because we have not created them. Our brands are viewed in a particular way because that’s how we want others to see them but we must remember that our audience is only going to see it that way if it is something they are looking for. However, this all comes down to making our content something that we believe in. It is easy to just give our target audience whatever they want, but if your organization does not really believe in what they are saying, you are not going to fool anyone. If you believe in everything you say your audience will believe in it too.

Knowing your target audience on all different media platforms has become crucial in today’s world. Content strategies must be applied on social sites also and not only on your website. Each social site provides your organization with a different target audience and knowing exactly what each audience is looking for, is what our organizations need. When you post content on a social site such as Facebook you will know that the Facebook audience is looking for a more out of the box simple experience that does not apply much effort but is still fun and different while those posts are awesome in their own right, they are not always appropriate for your LinkedIn audience, on LinkedIn they are looking for more of a professional tone with helpful tips in the business world, which may also lead over into your Pinterest page because your audience on Pinterest is usually looking for how-to and help tips but more on at-home manner than in office. Now you see that all these sites are similar but different in their own way so finding out which site has what type of audience will be crucial for your existence on the social web. Now your main site should have content for all users because you will want to bring back all your social followers to your main site and tailor to one community on your site may push other target audiences. So when it comes to content strategy and your target audiences remember to tailor your social sites to specific audiences and when it comes to your main site remember to have content that will connect all those individual audiences together.

Recycling and repackaging old content is not always a bad thing. You must remember that you control all your content and bringing items back in style is up to your own discretion. You may wonder sometimes or think about how you are going to be able to always come up with new exciting content that will amaze your audience and keep them in tune.  Well, you already have had amazing content, and expanding on what you have already is never a bad idea. Repackaging old content, bringing back to life, and taking a new angle will keep your audience coming back and back again and again. Remember that content brought them in and has kept them involved with your organization since, you do not have to keep re-posting the same content you and take different angles on it, expand it into a new topic, and also view it from a different light. We all know users like new things but if it cannot be connected to your already existing brand you will lose audience members. Your past is a pathway to the future for any organization and it works the same for your content, look at what you have done already and package or repackage new content with a similar feel to keep your audience coming back for more.

Lastly, before I wrap everything up I want to talk about SEO and how it is applied to your content. More SEO is an important topic and I briefly want to talk about it because there is an enough material for another podcast show. Now SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it basically is idea of raising your search engine ranking through your content. Now content is very important to SEO because of what you post will affect the ranking you will receive. Now with the new rules of SEO for a high ranking, you must obtain social sites and post content that reflects your organization. When building content for SEO purposes you should find out what is trending in your industry and build your content around it. Having content that reflects current trends will boost your SEO and boost your online traffic providing your organization with a much wider target audience.

Content Strategies is an extremely important aspect to an organization’s brand. These strategies help grow target audiences and help to raise awareness of how your organization is behaving in society. Having well-established content that truly believes in will keep organization ahead of the game.

That’s it for episode 37 of the Rediscover Your Brand™ podcast! I’m your host Mike McCormick and this has been brought to you by ArtVersion Interactive Agency. You may contact us on Facebook at, on Twitter at or at Thanks For Listening!