Welcome to the Rediscover Your Brand™ podcast! I’m your host Mike McCormick. For the past couple weeks we have pushed our focus mainly on the internet and have provided you with great marketing strategies, to help promote your brand in new and exciting ways. We have also talked that internet focus further into strictly talking about the mobile web on some, and others integrating the mobile web into other awesome internet strategies. Now talking about the internet has been fun and it has been really exciting, but sometimes we need to focus on other subjects in this similar field, now I would like to do that but I would also like to keep that internet flow going, so I picked a topic that is pretty diverse it is mostly for the internet but can also help you in your other creative aspects as well. Today we are going to talk about SEO with your current content strategies. Now I know everyone is excited that I am bringing the topic of content strategies, it is a fun and amazing topic, but last time we had more of a broad focus and talked about many different aspects in content strategies. Well, this week we are going to push all our focus on the SEO aspects of content strategies. SEO, just like content is one of those topics that is always going and evolve with new trends, and it is also one of those topics like content again that I will slightly refer to more in other future podcast. But, for now I believe it is appropriate for this topic to have a podcast all to its self. Now today we are going start our discussion by talking about what SEO is, how it works, and why it is important, to go on from there we will talk about benefits along with useful tips to use when refer your content strategies to SEO, and finally we will end the discussion with a quick refresh on why content strategies are important. Now I hope everyone is as excited as I am for this topic, so let’s get this ball rolling and get started with SEO and content strategies!

To start I want to talk about what SEO is. SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is a concept based around how high your page will be placed on different search engines, such as Google and Bing. The steps that go into making your website on the top of the first page are based around multiple aspects that go into your site mostly including your content.

Content plays a huge role in SEO, you content is what is being pulled in from search engines when users are searching for specific things. Like I have said in the past and I will say it again know your target audience and know what they are looking for. This is extremely important when dealing with SEO, because giving your audience what they are looking for will help move you to the top of the page when searching specific things that your organization offers. Having strong SEO behind your website will help grow your target audience.

Now let’s get down to the reasons why content is extremely important to your organization’s website, and the tools you can utilize to boost your SEO performance. Within your industry becoming an industry leader can be simply achieved today through the internet. When it comes to content and SEO the first thing you need to know is what your audience is looking for and how they would be searching for. Specific topics, products and services are a couple of the things that come to mind when people are looking for certain things. Being able to push material on your site that fully reflects how people would be searching will help your organizations SEO performance. Utilizing other tools in your site, like blogs and podcast, where you talk about information about your service will help boost your SEO as well. You must remember to keep up with your blogs and podcast, and post often, because that will show search engines that you are an industry leader, you may be thinking that you do not want to do this to much because you will be overwhelming your audience, which can be true depending on your audience, but providing a substantial amount of information will push you to the top of search engines and prove to your audience that you know what you are talking about that you are proven industry leader. So posting often on blogs and podcast will help your search engine performance. Next providing information within the same industry group will help too, re-posting the same exact information twice and penalize you, but being creative and writing information on your current trends and applying them to your organizations service will help show search engines that you are on top everything that is going on. Recurring links throughout your whole site with multiple pages of various content will also show that you are a diverse company, but you need to be careful in your content and make sure everything is focused around your organization and the services you offer within your industry market. And remember to always provide a strong call to action within your content, your call to action shows that you have a purpose, if it is clear and understandable the search engine will be able to pick it up fast.

SEO is always changing daily, so you need to always be on top of the action you use on your site. SEO is based off of text and links, which are highly embraced within your content. Content is the strongest provider, for your SEO performance, being on top of it and knowing what you are doing along with knowing who your target audience is and what they are looking for will help you boost your current SEO.

That’s it for episode 43 of the Rediscover Your Brand™ podcast! I’m your host Mike McCormick and this been brought you by ArtVersion Interactive Agency. You may contact us on Facebook at, on Twitter at, or just on Thanks for Listening!