Welcome to the Rediscover Your Brand™ podcast! I’m your host Mike McCormick. For the past couple weeks we have kept our main focus on the internet and different topics, many fun and it has been a blast. Well to move on we are going to keep the same internet presence going with a fun, new and exciting topic this topic will cover a lot of stuff that we can reflect back on to with the holiday season. This week we are going to cover e-Mail Promotional Marketing. You may ask why we are going to cover e-Mail promotions, and it is because it is the holiday season and we should send them out to all of our target audiences just wishing them a happy holidays. Now we all want to know what is going to be covered in today’s podcast so let’s go over that right now!

e-Mail Promotional Marketing is a way of emailing someone a card to express a particular event or holiday. e-Mail promotions within business can become fun and exciting because they open a door for any type of campaign we choose to put on to be acted like a holiday. There are just a couple of aspects every business and/or organization needs to take and implement into their e-Mail Promotional Marketing to present successful e-Mail Promotional Marketing to their target audience, who will accept the offers presented with the cards. If these steps are not taken accordingly they might have as much success as you would like. Now I am not telling you that you have to do these, I am going given proven suggestions that have worked, but are up to you to take these steps on your own, and mostly you must always KNOW YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE AND WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR. And before we get into everything it is the holiday season so you may see more success this time of the year just a helpful hint.

Let’s begin talking about a couple of tips we should use when putting together e-Mail Promotions. First, don’t go to simple on the graphic design elements, no one really likes to just read text they need something that will draw them in wanting to read your e-Mail Promotions, having graphic design elements that are visual appealing will draw in your target audience wanting to look at what you have to say. Next, make sure it always reflects your brand, your brand is the most important part of the of any promotion you put out, remember this is your brand that is doing that, so why not reflect brand, it is pretty much a no brainer, but should always reflect all the brand elements you present to your audience. Third, you should try to present an offer of some sort; your audience is always looking to get something out of what they are doing for them so try to present them with something useful within the card to keep them coming back for more. Fourth, always make sure they are able to unsubscribe from your list, you do not want anyone to think your e-Mail Promotional are spam, so allowing them to be taken off your mailing list will help. Fifth, use more informal language that includes humor, our audiences want to know that we can communicate on a more friendly level. Sixth, track all the emails that are forwarded from your audiences to others not on your current mailing list, this will allow you to see how many more people are seeing your offers, this will help to grow your business. Seventh, keep it simple and straight forward to the point; we want to direct our audience to our site from the promotion we don’t want them to delete it because there’s too much content, so less is more when creating e-Mail promotions and the content inside them. Eighth, keep it personal; try to always use the audience’s members name within the e-Mail promotion, this will help them to believe that you truly care about them, wanting them to come back again.

All of these tips should help you create the perfect e-Mail Promotions for your business, and there is so much more you can do to make them better, you just need to adventure out and try, and with the holiday season upon us it is time we start to push more and more e-Mail promotions and promotions to get audiences to our websites.