Energizing your visual communication strategy is no small task. Often times, it requires an experienced partner who can resonate with your vision and design eye-catching, strategic visual content.

Data visualization and adding a splash of color to information displayed on print or digital is becoming increasingly popular, and infographics have been a major driver for that. According to research and statistics, 65% of today’s brands use infographics in content marketing efforts. Furthermore, infographics are 30x more likely to be read by users than text articles. Infographics, if designed with finesse, also have the potential to complement a boost in website traffic.

For brands seeking a partner to elevate their visual communications strategy with infographics, ArtVersion is amongst the best design partners that can be considered. According to a recent report by online services platform 99firms, ArtVersion ranks as the leading infographic design service provider in the United States.

99firms in an online service platform that’s dedicated to making the process of finding online marketing agencies as simple as possible. 99firms analyzes and reviews agencies with focuses on digital, SEO, social media and email marketing. 99firms’ strict ranking criteria evaluates companies based on area of expertise, business model, marketplace reputation, and unbiased reviews from former clients. 99firms delivers the best information on service providers to help you accomplish your goals.

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