Creative Director of ArtVersion Featured in Recent Amp Spotlight

Goran Paun Shares Insight on Saying No with Ad Age

Ad Age explores the value of saying no and the relevance of the topic within industry professionals. Members of the Amp community explain the value of saying no and an example of how saying no ultimately turned into a big win for their business.

“Companies are going through all sorts of evolutions in terms of understanding the scope of projects. If clients know the budget is not in compliance with the amount of work on the table, no would be your best answer. Ninety percent of our work is innovation, and there are a lot of hours that need to be put in. Otherwise, you’re just doing the same old, and there is no progress.” -Creative Director of ArtVersion, Goran Paun

Paun emphasizes the importance of clear understanding and realistic budgeting in project development. Companies today are navigating various evolutions, learning to grasp the full extent of their projects’ requirements. Paun suggests that if a client’s budget does not align with the workload, declining the project is advisable. This approach underscores the commitment to quality and innovation that defines 90% of ArtVersion’s work. In today’s age, innovation demands significant time investment; without it, companies risk stagnation by repeating familiar patterns without achieving any real progress. This philosophy champions the idea that true advancement in any field requires both the vision to innovate and the willingness to allocate the necessary resources to bring groundbreaking ideas to life. Innovation is key to remaining relevant in industries that are constantly changing and renewing processes and ideas. Even if innovation means staying on top of trends, preferences, and modes of information gathering, these pivotal steps can help elevate any brand’s positioning. These approaches are typically achieved by market and competitor analysis as well as user-research that can help brands enter the minds of their audiences.

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