When measuring a brand campaign success, most agency leaders agree that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Evaluating whether a campaign worked means first looking at analytics and conversion metrics. What works for one brand on one campaign might look different from the goals and challenges on another. There is, however, a broader framework that applies across every project or campaign data metrics. Staying on top of that evolution could mean delivering more relevant results to clients and a meaningful impact on the brand.

In this article ArtVersion, alongside other Ad Age Amp community members, discuss Big Data and campaign performance metrics. The report follows up on a series of other Amp Spotlight articles by Ad Age, where creative agency leaders share their views on the industry landscape. Most recently, ArtVersion’s perspective on How The ‘She-cession’ Has Transformed Agencies was also featured by Ad Age back in August 2021.

Goran Paun, Creative Director at ArtVersion

“Keeping people top of mind when evaluating the success of one project or another also means investing in the resources that make that success possible. “We design brand interactions and experiences that make stakeholders proud, allow people to do their job better with the technologies we implement, promote frictionless client services and supports visionaries to be change-makers,” says Goran Paun, principal and creative director at ArtVersion. “If that fusion happens, we know our work has been a success.”

Goran Paun, Creative Director at ArtVersion

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