New generations entail new mindsets. Gen Z has been vocal about societal changes, but also changes they believe should be implemented into the workplace. With prior ways already established, lifting the surface to reconstruct the foundation of engraved workplace practices can lead to friction or freedom, and in some cases, both.

The new wave of beliefs stem from the push to have an inclusive and diverse community, a focus on mental health, and a steady work-life balance. Gen Z is also paving the way for companies to shift their focus on the importance of intersectionality for healthier work environments, and an inclusive brand image. 

 In this article, ArtVersion and the Ad Age Amp community offered their insight on how Gen Z is reshaping different aspects in the workplace while simultaneously allowing previous generations to learn how these new standards could refresh the old. 

Cristina Chaidez, Content Strategist at ArtVersion
Cristina Chaidez, Content Strategist at ArtVersion

“There is slight friction between millennials and Gen Z, however, it can also be viewed more as Gen Z’s correction of engraved beliefs. There is recognition from millennials that standards in workplaces could be reshaped, and they have rocked a slight shift in moving that boulder, but Gen Z has pushed it full throttle and at full speed.”

Cristina Chaidez, Content Strategist at ArtVersion

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