At the intersection of company growth and expanded print service offerings, MediaBlink featured by AdAge

With a need to support increasing market demand for Online Response Capturing Application (ORCA) tracking technology and SaaS solutions like Profit Miner, MediaBlink reached out to ArtVersion for help with a re-brand. With a goal of designing a brand system and infrastructure that would accommodate both of MediaBlink’s digital and print marketing capabilities, ArtVersion delivered.

“This brand refresh and revitalization speaks to where our company is today and where it is going in the future,” says Michael Burst, co-founder of MediaBlink. 

MediaBlink co-founder Benny Burst agrees.  “We are so pleased with how the team at Artversion translated our values and vision into a brand that speaks to who we truly are.  The AdAge recognition is icing on the cake.”

MediaBlink featured by AdAge

The project accentuated MediaBlink’s data-centric, tech-focused approach to consumer engagement, simplifying the brand and making it more relatable for stakeholders across several industries in the complex world of media production.

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